Landorus Pokemon Go 2022 Top listed Landorus Counters from Therian

This article provides you with a an overview of Landorus the Pokemon Go game in 2022. Keep an eye on our website to receive updates on the game.

Are you interested in learning more what happened to the Legendary Pokémon Landorus? Are you interested in knowing about the famous ground raid and the flying tape? If so this article will provide you with the complete information about it.

The famous Pokemon will be able to land in the next week’s raids. It’s the most legendary raids of the Therian form found that is found in Netherlands,the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

If you’re looking to get more details about legendary Pokemon you should read the entire article about Landorus Pokemon Go 2022.

What’s therian form guide to the legendary Pokemon?

The famous Pokemon is known as the therian form landorus guide, also known as The Ground Flying Tape. It is available in its Shiny Form for the first time. In the form of therian it will appear like a shiny release run in the beginning. With the Landorus Guide you can build a team using the potent variation of the Landorus. This guide helps you master the catching technique and explains the 100 percent IVs.

Top listed Landorus Counters from Therian

The legendary Pokemon analyzes every possible outcome of Pokemon and its moves. Check out the top 10 Therian counters for landorus under The Landorus Pokemon Go.

  • Glaceon ( Avalanche)
  • Shadow Mewtwo ( Ice beam)
  • Avalugg ( Avalanche, Ice Fang)
  • Shadow Lapras ( Ice Beam)
  • Shadow Walrein ( Icicle spear)
  • Mega Abomasnow ( Powder, weather ball, snow)
  • Mamoswine ( Avalanche and powder snow)
  • Shadow Mamoswine ( Avalanche, powder snow)
  • Mewtwo ( Ice beam)
  • Shadow Articuno ( Ice Beam, Frost beam)

It is recommended to power up your Therian counters to the greatest chance of success. But it’s only possible to achieve the strength of a shadow pokemon using unlocked moves that are suited to the most experienced players.

10 counters that are non-shadow and not mega beneath the Landorus Pokemon Go 2022

  • Walrein (Icicle spear)
  • Weavile ( Avalanche, Ice shard)
  • Abomasnow( Weather ball or powder snow)
  • Beartic ( Punch of Ice and powder snow)
  • Porygon-Z ( Blizzard)
  • Kyogre ( Kyogre, Blizzard as well as waterfall)
  • Mr Rime ( Ice punch, Ice blizzard)
  • Vanniluxe ( Blizzard)
  • Articuluno ( Articuno (also known as Ice Beam or Frost beam)
  • Galarian darmanitan ( Avalanche, Ice Fang)

What number of trainers is needed?

The Landorus therian form is possible to defeat by two trainers. The most powerful counters for the therian are utilized due to the double weakness of tape of flying or ground tapes as in Landorus Pokemon Go 2022. If you are unable to demonstrate the counters of the therian with confidence, picking the counters with three and four counters are the best for you. The circle lock technique to make great throws in search of the legendary Pokemon is the most effective way in catching the Pokemon.


This article will give you all the details of Landorus Pokemon. We will tell you about the most popular outcomes of the landorus Pokemon that includes the unlocked moves of the most practiced players as well as therian forms of IVs under circumstances that are boosted. It has been concluded that there are 20 possibilities of becoming shining with Pokemon Go. For more information,you can click here.

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