What Are Anime Traps? Top 4 Anime Traps With Latest Details You Should Definitely Know !!

Anime Traps? Have you heard about them before? If yes, it’s great that you have information about it. But, in case you don’t know we will share with you all the details that what are anime traps and who are the top 5.

What are Anime Traps?

They are basically a gender on anime where they seem to be something else but are something else. You can consider them as a gay looking female or a female looking male.

Top 4 Anime Traps

Astolfo as Fate/Apocrypha

The slot is held by Astolfo. He is the top Anime among being him an anime trap. His role is cheerful and optimised soul which in general suits him up.

Nagisa as  Assassination Classroom

Secondly, Nagisa holds the place in the anime world, Being a boy he is forced by his family to dress up exactly like a girl. but he manages to indulge in that tremendously.


Felix as  Rezero

The third slot is reserved by Felix he is a joyful soul which rather is able to stop are the bullies he gets on himself. He is a true personality who proudly says that yes he is gay. How amazing !!

Hideri as Blend S

The fourth one here comes as Hideri. He is as powerful and cheery as Felix. But he actually runs away from his family background jobs and indulges himself as a strong model who is charmed by his looks and confidence too.


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