Bigtime software is a web-based time and billing platform for professional service operations such as accountancy, engineering, management consulting, legal, and IT. Time and cost task & workflow management, invoicing tracking, WIP management, billing, and more are all availed through Bigtime project management software.

Along with facilitating you with a mobile timesheet app, Bigtime time tracking captures every time spent on projects or outside office activities. Employees can upload scanned receipts and report costs via the internet portal or immediately from their mobile platforms. The system provides a digital token and submits it to the administration for approval once it’s finished. To summarize, Bigtime software intends to provide a platform for professional service organizations that require real-time knowledge for their projects’ long-term success.

Key Points:

  • Bigtime, a cloud-based system for providing a solution, offers DCAA standard monitoring, billing and invoice, and project planning features that operate in both ways: online and offline.
  • Accountants, IT service providers, scientific and corporate consultants, architects, and engineers can benefit from Bigtime software.
  • Bigtime software offers you many features in one place by giving liability to manage and control everything and track all you need to monitor.
  • Reduces cost expenses and time by giving you everything you need in one place. Such as, Bigtime saves you time by automating your billing and invoicing process by delivering each client bill with a direct deposit.
  • Equally beneficial for all sizes of companies. Bigtime allows you to customize the features as per your requirements to automate multiple procedures.


Effective Project and Resource Management:

With unique workflows and a Bigtime software demo, you can seamlessly manage projects across teams and authorization levels, allowing you to manage your projects through independent customization. It lets you create project-specific activities and apply hourly pay, fees, and expenditure budgets. It features a Gantt chart for creating, viewing, and updating project deadlines and deliverables.

It also contains Project Staffing and Resource Allocation tools, which show which employees are available and how much time they should be given. You have the flexibility to manage both large and tiny amounts of data to manage your projects with minimal effort.

Impactful Project Roadmaps:

Bigtime software allows you to draw a roadmap of your entire project – a kind of projection mapping. Bigtime software also grants another brilliant feature that will enable you to create a visual map of a task upon which your team will be working. And it has a timeframe, so everyone on your team knows what the task will entail.

By using visual aids in the form of a project map, the software enables you to streamline your planning. The feature dramatically simplifies the process of designing and describing the project plan. You can imagine how helpful it will be if everything for a project has been pre-planned and all teammates have access to the procedure. And Bigtime software has this ability among its features.

Customized Templates:

Bigtime software provides project management software that is easy to use and tailored to your specific requirements. For this, Bigtime has a function that allows its users to access through a variety of predesigned project management templates from which to choose. You can use this function to select a template that you believe will best suit your needs.

Thus, you can even further alter these templates with Bigtime software to comply with your demands fully. Overall, this function allows you to personalize the software. And it takes the stress out of project planning because all you have to do now is fill in the blanks in the template.

Insight Reports:

Another unique advantage of Bigtime software is reporting center that assists teams in adopting advanced business strategies to increase profitability and team effectiveness. The bigtime software dashboard provides you with a comprehensive view of everything in one spot. It decreases the amount of time you spend collecting data and then analyzing it.

As a result, reporting in the Bigtime software is a remarkable feature for automating data collecting and analysis. It can assist you in identifying any vulnerabilities in your company and achieving optimal efficiency while keeping in mind Big Time’s insightful reporting.

Bigtime Pricing:

BigTime offers customers three paid editions based on their company size and needs. The Express plan costs $10 per user every month on a yearly billing basis, with at least five users. Its specifications include a detailed dashboard, regular timesheet reports, unlimited timelines, a custom report generator, unlimited customers and transactions, chat and email assistance, and software auto-update are all available.

The Bigtime price Pro plan costs $30 per month per user, payable annually, and requires a minimum of 5 users. It has all of the capabilities of the Express plan, plus budgeting, expense monitoring, Gantt charts, limitless user-defined invoice kinds, and much more.

It has all of the capabilities of the Express plan, plus budgeting, expense monitoring, Gantt charts, user-defined invoice kinds, and much more. All features, including resource allocation, revenue predictions, and variable cost rate, are included in the Bigtime pricing Premier plan, costing $40 per user per month invoiced annually with a minimum of 10 users.

We recommend you ask for 4-days free trial from the seller. A bigtime software demo will enable you to get your first-hand experience with Bigtime software.

Bigtime Reviews:

Customers of various business sizes, including small, medium, and enterprise, give Bigtime software an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Bigtime user reviews help to develop its reputation in the market. We examined Big Time’s data from numerous surveys that verified customers’ provided feedback.

Bigtime software is one of the leading software among its competitors, as seen by its success rate, client satisfaction ratings, and award-winning software.

However, it is up to a person to consider whether or not Bigtime software is right for you. We think it is better to write all the features according to your needs to purchase a suitable package for you. Further, Bigtime software demo is a must to check for a 14-days free trial.


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