Kelly Osbourne Engagement

The English television actress and personality Kelly Osbourne has again engaged the love of her love Alison Mosshart’s little chef brother Mathew Mosshart. The couple broke their previous engagement in 2014 but seems that the love could not be separated for too long. The fashionista is extremely happy because of her choice of coming back to the beloved.

We are delivering to you full details about the couple’s previous engagement and their present love life!

Kelly Osbourne

Born in 1984 in London, is the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. Besides being a leading actress she is also a fashion designer, a singer and a model. She became popular after her appearance in the show The Osbournes winning an Emmy Award for the same. She appeared on shows like Dancing with the Stars, The 7D and The Masked Singer. She is also the owner and founder of her own fashion line named “Stiletto Killers.”

She released her debut album in 2002 with Epic Records named Shut Up. She released her second album Sleeping in the Nothing that was struck with controversy. She played the role of supporting actress in the drama Life as We Know It. She has done short acts and anchoring in events.

She and her family has been involved in charity work. She joined Give a Damn campaign bringing awareness about LGTB community. She won prize money in The Cube for The Prince’s Trust. She was also involved with the salvation army in the recovery efforts.

Kelly Osbourne Engagement

The Engagement Fiasco

Kelly Osbourne and Matthew Mosshart got engaged in 2013. She was seen showing off her nails and her diamond ring in posted pictures. The couple first met in 2011 and since then have been bonded together. Mathew told in an interview how Kelly was the one and the only for him. The two are strong, co-independent and love each other.

Kelly Osbourne Engagement

However, they broke their marriage in 2014. The couple said that there was no major reason for the end of their engagement and it was rather a mutual decision from both the ends. They stayed good friends even after the end of the engagement and were there for each other everytime.

The couple reunited in 2020 and got engaged again because of the love in between them. The ring was made in resemblance Kelly’s father earring.

Kelly Osbourne Engagement

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