A fun trip can turn into a dangerous trip in no time. The same happened with David and Jackson Lyons when they went for a fishing trip.

David Lyons along with his family went to Alderman lake in Highland Township in Oakland County. They went there for ice fishing. When they were about to come to the shore, they both fell from the ice and drowned in the lake.


They got rescued within 30 minutes, but it was of no use. They both announced dead, after few hours, in a nearby hospital. David was 30 years old while his son, Jackson was just 4 years old. Both wore snowmobile suits, which soaks quickly and be the reason of their quick drowning.

David and Jackson Lyons

Authorities Claim

Authorities said that both David and Jackson wore a snowmobile suits, which became heavy when they came in contact with water. And none of them wore a life jacket. They stated to presume the ice as unsafe and don’t go near that without any precautions. They considered it as a tragedy where they lost a young father and a really small baby.

David and Jackson Lyons

Family of David said that both father and son was very adventurous and they loved doing things together. From riding quad bike to fishing, they did everything together. At such a young age, Jackson was so invested in these things. They were inseparable, according to their family. David’s grandfather said that it was Jackson who might fell first and David dived to rescue him.

David and Jackson Lyons

But whatever the situation was, we lost a duo of amazing father and son.

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