The game is a combination of action and role-playing based and is developed and published by Capcom, the company behind Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Dead Rising, and countless others. It will be the sixth part of Monster Hunter. However, the game was released in March 2021 for Nintendo Switch. As of now, it is still undergoing development for Windows.

The storyline of the game

The objective of the game is to battle large monsters and survive their attacks with a variety of weapons. The loot you gain from monster hunting can be used to upgrade your weapons and surroundings.

As a result, you can fight more powerful monsters with upgraded weapons. You can expect the game to continue in this way. It’s about preparing your men for a future war with a monster that’s already happened in the past.

Monster Hunter Rise PC: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

In short, the game is about defending, upgrading, and preparing for an assault.

Rise vs World

Monster Hunters: World is the fifth installment of the series, which launched in 2018. In this Rise part, you’ll find the following changes.

The endless map will also be used in this part, instead of the zoned areas present in older parts of the world. Moreover, the vertical movement of the player will be more focused than in the previous parts.

Monster Hunter Rise PC: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

A dog-like creature is present, which you can use as a companion. By guiding them around the map, you can discover secrets. In addition to the weapons found in previous parts, there are some that have been updated.

A survival mode has also been added in which players must defend their village against monsters. You can direct your people(civilians) to attack the monster. However, your army can directly attack them.

Release date

The PC version(for Windows) is going to be released on 12 January 2022.

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