Model Jay Camilleri has been linked with the English singer and songwriter Sam Smith. There have been rumors that the two have gone on several secret dates together since Sam split from Jonathan Zeizel. They two have been reportedly hanging together and quite enjoying each other’s company.

We have covered all the details and Jay Camilleri’s struggle with Anorexia below!

Personal Lives

Sam Smith

Sam Smith, born in 1992, is an English singer who peaked at number eleven on the UK Singles chart because of his popular song Latch. The singer then featured on La La La, that became the number one single in May. He was also won 2014 Brit Critics’ Choice Award and the BBC‘s Sound of 2014.

Jay Camilleri And Sam Smith Struggles And Personnel Lives

He made his debut with  In the Lonely Hour. He is an award winning singer winning four Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, three Billboard Music Awards, an American Music Award and a Golden Globe and Academy Award throughout his career till date.

In 2014, he cam out as gay in the public acknowledging his relationship with Jonathan Zeizel since then. In 2017, he came out as genderqueer changing his gender pronouns to they/them.

Jay Camilleri

The 3o year old model from London goes back with fame from the experimental TV documentary Dirty Sexy Things. He has a high spirit of determination for being in the fashion industry.

Jay Camilleri And Sam Smith Struggles And Personnel Lives

He said in an interview that he weighed over 100 kilos because he couldn’t stop eating  and faced weight issues. He then started skipping meals in order to get in terms with his body image and dropped half of his weight in just three years. This made him extreme skinny and his bones would pop out of his body.

Jay Camilleri And Sam Smith Struggles And Personnel Lives

Struggle With Anorexia

Sam and Jay confirmed their dating in 2016. They said in an interview that they bonded because both of them faced body issues. Jay opened about his fight with Anorexia. When Jay Camilleri came forward with helping men fight with eating disorders, Sam came forward to help his partner with the same.

Jay Camilleri And Sam Smith Struggles And Personnel Lives

Jay said how Sam is really supportive with his eating habits and struggles with the disease.

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