Zelda Breath Of The Wild Stable Location

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild is one of the popular games that is found in the Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles. This is a good game for all action-adventure fans. It is the best-selling game of all time and won awards for the game of the year’s honours.

There we are going to talk about some stables you find in this game.

zelda breath of the wild stable location

Duelling Peaks Stable In West Necluda

In Hydrule you will find Dueling Peaks stable.

Things find there are –

  1. West Necluda region towards the east
  2. Find Link who is on its journey to Kakariko Village
  3. hunt for some treasure
  4. Wild Horses side-quest

Highland Stable Near The Faron Sea

Across Lake Hylia, we can see Highland Stables in the Faron Grassland region of Hyrule.

zelda breath of the wild stable location

Things find there are –

  1. It is surrounded by rolling fields.
  2. The Horseback Hoodlums side quests 
  3. Ancient Horse Rumors quest by which we can find the Ancient Saddle and Bridle.

Lakeside Stable By Lake Floria

It is hidden away in the lush jungle of the Faron region.

Things find there are –

  1. mighty bananas which are chef’s favourite attack-boosting fruit
  2. Thunder Magnet side-quest
  3. Rewarded with Rubber Helm

Riverside Stable Between Hyrule Field And West Necluda

Players can discover this stable northeast of the Great Plateau, along the Hylia River.

Things find there are –

  1. Gives a rare safe zone in the Central Hyrule region
  2. The Royal Guard’s Gear and A Royal Recipe side-quests

Wetland Stable In The Lanayru Wetlands

It is located near the west of the Lanayru Wetlands.

Things find there are –

  1. In the east Domain is lying
  2. Riverbed Reward quest
  3. Players can get Royal Broadsword as a gift if you tell was found inside the river.

zelda breath of the wild stable location

Woodland Stable Near Eldin Canyon

It is found between Death Mountain and Hyrule Castle.

Things find there are –

  1. In the north players can see Woodland Tower which leads to the Great Hyrule Forest
  2. To find the recipe for hasty vegetable curry, Links are also seen.
  3. Balloon Fight quest and  the EX Strange Mask Rumors quest

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