Read Online Eleceed Chapter 155 : Release Date, Spoilers and Everything you need to know

Eleceed Chapter 155 is set to release soon this week. The spoilers, release date, and predictions are discussed here.

Eleceed Chapter 155

Eleceed is a South Korean Webtoon. The webtoon is being published on Line webtoon with English Translations. The webtoon is written by Jeho son and illustrated by ZHENA.

Eleceed Chapter 155 : Spoilers

Eleceed Chapter 155

Eleceed Chapter 155 is set to begin with expressions of everyone on Jinwoo’s appearance. As everyone expected, the World Awakeners failed to track Jinwoo’s movement. They get an idea that among the rookies’ someone can overpower Duke

The match hasn’t finished so it might take any turn. We still don’t know if Jinwoo will fight Duke as a substitute to Subin or will duke be declared the winner. From Jinwoo’s expression from the previous chapter, we can see that he wants to take revenge on Duke.

Eleceed Chapter 155 : Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 155

The release of new episodes is scheduled to release every Tuesday. The Release Date of Eleceed Chapter 155 is August 24, Korean. For the English translation, you have to wait for more than 3 days and it’s expected to release on August 27, 2021.

Where to Read Eleceed?

Eleceed Chapter 155

Eleceed is available to read on the Naver webtoon in Korean. For English translation can be found official on Line webtoon.

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