Jaden Smith , aka  Jaden  Christopher Syre Smith is an American rapper, singer and song writer  by profession. He was born on July 8, 1998 to  actors, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden, being the son of two superstars was in the  limelight from his very young age. Recently, some media reports claimed that Jaden was a gay. The reports came after Jaden talked about his close bond with  Tyler amid the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival.

Jaden Tyler Relationship

In spite of the tweets made by Jaden Smith about Tyler, there is nothing emotional in their relationship. Smith and Tyler are not dating, reports the media.

Jaden Smith and Tyler share a very close bond. In a meet with Zane Lowe,  Smith had talked about working with Tyler for their Collab Single Noize. He also had praised Tyler for his talents.

Jaden Smith relationship with tyler exposed: is jaden Smith gay?

But there is nothing to claim that something is going on between these two. It seems that they are thick friends. There is no proof to prove that Jaden Smith is a gay. Saying that he is a gay seems like, something exaggerated.

Jaden and Tyler Express their Views

Jaden had commented that Tyler, the Creator is his boyfriend. Jaden has never made any comments on his sexuality. But Jaden is noted for his special styles in the industry.

He also remarked that he don’t care about what world says about him. He also added that, if a boy wears a skirt at the age of five and goes to school, nobody would  mind. But later it becomes a problem. Tyler  also revealed that he has been kissing white boys for more than a decade now.

When asked ,why he was talking about his sexuality, Tyler replied that it is a literal question and things about humans is that, we hate that we don’t have answers. He also added that, there are many things that are unexplainable. The two  singers have given a shock to the fans, when Jaden announced that he and Tyler were seeing each other. Jaden told that Tyler is his boyfriend and only he wants to say this and Taylor don’t want to say.

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