The upcoming game Blue Protocol is one of the most highly-anticipated projects of MMORPG right now. There is a lot of buzz around the MMORPG games right now. Only a few games are able to create this kind of hype on social media.

Blue Protocol: Story details

The first trailer of Blue Protocol gave a lot of insight about the look, feel and the plot of the game. The game will have an anime kind of look. According to the sources, the game will feel more like an animated film. A film that can be controlled by the players. The art style of the game is expected to be so realistic that it will blow your mind.

blue protocol: release date and story details

The game will come with a lot of character customization options. The character customization will be an important part of the game. It will help in achieving the aesthetic goal of the game.

As a player, you can choose your character class, customize your favorite characters, and team up with other players to kill stronger bosses. Ferocious and almost unbeatable bosses are the typical trademarks of games in the action- fantasy genre.

Blue Protocol: Release Date in Japan

Earlier, Blue Protocol was expected to be released in 2021 in Japan. But the production was stalled due to the pandemic. Currently, we don’t have an accurate release date of the game.

blue protocol: release date and story details had earlier announced that the Blue Protocol would be released on December 31st, 2020. But this was just a tentative date. Fans in Japan were expecting the game to be released in early-2021.

Blue Protocol: International Release Date

There is no official announcement about the international release date for Blue Protocol. The fans worldwide are expecting the game to be released in the late-2021 or even early-2022.

blue protocol: release date and story details

The developers have said that: “We have said that it was intended to go global from the start” but there is still very little public information regarding the release of Blue Protocol outside of Japan.

The developing team of the game has said that they are working hard for the global launch. Earlier, Bandai Namco stated that there is no official announcement for the release date in western countries. They have also confirmed that this is likely to change in future.

The fans would have to wait for at least 6 to 12 months for the international release of the game. This means that it is reasonable to expect the game to come out in late-2021. But the release date could be easily pushed back to early-2022 if the game release date is pushed back further in Japan.

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