I.G.I 3: Origins, Updates of February, Gameplay Everything You Need to Know

Here’s the recent update of February for the Innerloop Studios tactical shooter-game Project I.G.I that is the prequel of I.G.I: Origins. I.G.I 3 will be released soon this year in December 2021.  I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike is the sequel of Project I.G.I that was released in 2003. Toadman Interactive announced back in 2019 about the prequel of Project I.G.I titled I.G.I: Origins.

I.G.I: Origins Updates of February


I.G.I: Origins is the prequel to the 2000s video game Project I.G.I. The game is being developed by Toadman Interactive.  This game will be returning back after 17 years on the platform of Windows, Ps4, Ps5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Toadman affirmed back in December 2020 that the game is in the prototyping stage. This game will have a multiplayer game mode.

A small glimpse of the game has already been shared by Toadman Interactive a year back on Youtube. Click below to watch it:


The game is a setting of the 1980s with a cinematic spy mystery and suspensive narrative set against the Cold War era. The player plays by a code name of “Regent”. His tasks are critical responsibilities of national security, for service of M16 on active duty, and to undertake a number of series of missions to achieve the objectives of spy paymasters that explore the origins of the Institute of Geotactical Intelligent. Players will have gadgets and weapons to complete their tasks.

What do the sources speak?

Rumors say that the game will have 19 missions throughout the player’s journey that need to be completed. This game has to be played smartly by the beginners as Project I.G.I was known as the toughest game of the time. I.G.I: Origins will cost at most $59 USD as by the sources.

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