Is Parasyte season 2 Going To be Released This Year

Written and illustrated by Hitoshi IwaakiParasyte: The maxim has grabbed many eyeballs. Manga’s production, it was initially released in series form on 9th of October, 2014. However it’s recent requisition by Netflix, gave the series a new identity. It brought the show into limelight and increased its viewership tremendously.

Lockdown also plays an important role in the increased viewership, Netflix users’ search for entertainment introduced them to this and soon nothing could stop them from binge watching it. We will soon get to the topic of renewal of the series, but before that lets go on a flashback.

Revisiting Parasyte Season 1

Izumi Shinichi is the central character of the show who is living a very normal, peaceful life until an alien parasitic species attacks human kind. The species enters the human body through ear or nose and aims at gaining control over their brain. Shinichi is lucky enough to be wearing headphones during the attack and the parasite enters his body through his hand instead and gets trapped in there. He soon starts experiencing loss  of control of his hand.

Understanding the weakness of the species, he is man kinds’ only hope at defeating the parasites. He finds out that in order to kill the parasite, their heart must be destroyed. Following the script of Manga, the series also ends on the happy note of eradication of the parasites.

Parasyte Season 2 Updates

The series plainly followed the story line of Manga, starting and ending at the same scene. There are no loop holes or open-ended plot line left that could help in weaving out a new story, hence it could be said that there are very bleak chances of season two happening.

Despite this, since Netflix has started streaming the series in 2020, it’s viewers and fans have increased. If it profits Netflix enough, there are chances that the season two might be proposed. Netflix might produce the season two of the show in such circumstances.

However, as of now, no such announcement has been made by either production house, -and on a positive note for the fans- neither has the cancelation been announced. There’s always a chance of renewal of a season on public demand.

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