The culture of crossdressing has been present throughout the history. In the art forms like dramas and plays, crossdressing always brought along a lot of excitements and twists. Crossdressing is a promising feature that is set to set the screens on fire if included. Be it in Shakespearean plays or Animes. Anime Trap is another name for cross dressing in Animes.

Anime Trap and Reverse Trap

When a male character dresses up and acts as a female character, it is known as an Anime Trap. Similarly if a female character is dressed up as a male character and is behaving like one as well, it is known as Reverse Trap. In this, the male characters show more feminine qualities and females are projected as more masculine.

Trap characters not only dress up as opposite characters, but behave like one as well. Physically as well as emotionally. These characters inject the show or story with a lot of upcoming surprises, twists and turns.

According to Google, the first Amine trap was 1973’s Ara Waga Tono, and the first reverse trap was from Tezuka’s 1953 manga, Ribbon no Kishi.

Anime Trap

Most liked Traps

Anime Traps play a big role in structure of the story. The traps never fail to take the viewers by surprise and leaves them star struck. Traps are one of the most liked and discussed USPs of the anime. Here are some of the most talked and loved Traps of all time:

  1. Ruka Urushibara From Steins; Gate
  2. Mariya Shidou From Maria†Holic
  3. Hime Arikawa From Himegoto
  4. Tsukimiya Ringo From Uta No Prince-sama

These are some characters we have enlist, tell us about yours in the comment section and Stay with EveDonus Films for the latest updates.


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