The Zentorno is a two-door car featured in Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online.  The Pegassi  Zentorno has got impressive looks. This is one of  the most beautiful cars in the game.

The Zentorno is one of the outstanding cars for both base game of GTA5  and GTA online.  The actual speed of the car is 122 mph as declared by Broughy.

zentorno Gta v: Everything You Want to know

The car is an all time favorite of all the players. The car is insanely fast and has got a high tech interior. The car is also compared to a fighter jet on wheels.

Zentorno : Features

This car is a high performance vehicle, with low sloped body for extra aerodynamic effects. Zentorno is based on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

The bonnet area has got four small intakes on the centre . The frontal area has got two headlights with the manufacturers emblem which is located between the lights.

The car is mainly painted with a primary color on the body, while the front bumper trim is painted with a secondary color. The rear of the car is predominated by carbon fibre elements. Zentorno has scissor doors. The doors do not rotate away from the body of the vehicle. This gives a realist mechanics.

The car comes at an affordable price of $725,000. All other super cars are costly, when compared to Zentorno. The car is available at Legendary Motorsports for purchase.

The Zentomo is very competitive with super cars like RE-7B and Tempesta. The car is very close to the ground, so that it cannot climb the stairs.

Zentorno Engine

The Zentorno is powered by a 6.8 liter V12 engine which produces 750 HP.

The handling of the car is highly responsive. The high powered engine may become difficult for the drivers who are inexperienced, to handle. The car has got a minimal oversteer. There are chances that the vehicle may spin due to its handling power. But the vehicle does not loose control easily.

Zentorno has got a hybrid engine, which delivers a very smooth and quick acceleration. Zentorno is a super car by all means.

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