Video Games Fun and Interesting Facts:Video games will never stop being fun! No matter if you’re an adult, student or professional, you’ve probably played games at some point in your life. This hobby that began as a way of killing time has grown into a major industry. Video games no longer exist as random games.

Today’s video games feature dedicated characters and their stories. If you are already a videogame geek, you probably already have an extensive knowledge of all the games you’ve played.

Were you surprised to learn that your favorite game has many secrets?

Yes, every game goes through many modifications. Later, these modifications become stories that most gamers will never have heard of. Keep reading, as we share fun and interesting facts with you even after you’ve completed each side quest at least twelve times.

#1 Super Mario & Nine Inch Nails

It is no surprise that many Koopalings appearing in Super Mario games are named after established singers in the real-world. It’s easy to recognize the similarities between Lemmy, Ludwig, or Iggy.

The not-so-favorite antagonist in Super Mario World is Reznor, the fire-breathing tricertops. This character has a unique name, which is quite interesting. It was named after Trent Reznor of the Nine Inch Nails who is also the composer and producer of Quake music.

#2 The Nintendo Comboy!

South Korea imposed a ban on Japanese cultural imports following World War II. The ban was in place until 2004. Although Japan banned many of its most prominent offerings, South Koreans were also unable to access the latest developments made by the Japanese, particularly in gaming.

This does not necessarily mean that South Korean gamers were not introduced to Mario. In South Korea, Nintendo merchandise was distributed by Hyundai Electronics. The Hyundai Comboy 64 was succeeded by the Super Comboy. It became the predecessor to the NES in the next years.

#3 The Globally Renowned Batman Game Was almost Rhythmic

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a great game! It is one those rare games that introduces us to new features and hidden side quests even after it was released over a decade back. This is an interesting fact that many avid gamers did not know.

The first phases of the development were characterized by a rhythmic game. The plan outlined that the second prototype would be centered around 2D combat. This featured colorful circles colliding into each other whenever they were challenged. After the third attempt, however, developers were able create the ultimate fighting system.

#4 The Launch Bell

There are some music, features noises or callout phrases that have become the trademark of the game. Fallout 3’s “ding”, a satisfying sound that it makes after the Fat Man bomb explodes, is an example.

But, users still love the sound and it isn’t like a nuclear bomb. Instead, the voice is taken from a Bethesda Softworks cafeteriabell. Aside from that, the Fat Man in this game was inspired also by the Davy Crockett Tactical Nuclear Recoilless Rifle nicknamed “M-388”, which happens to be a real nuclear launcher, created in 1950s.

#5 Lara Croft Was First Called Laura Cruz

Lara Croft has become a household name thanks to the success of the game franchise. What if we told ya that Lara Craft was actually the name of the leading tomboy in the game?

Toby Gard (Core Design animator) had the idea to create an interactive movie featuring a man who searches through Egyptian pyramids in search of hidden wealth. The film’s relative importance to Indiana Jones meant that the character was quickly replaced with Laura Cruz, a South American lady. Core was looking for a name that would be familiar to Britons so staff searched a phone directory and came up with the name “Croft,” naming it Lara Croft.

#6 The Queen of Persia Was Once a Product In Making

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series is a well-known and popular game that has been around for decades. The game has seen a dramatic evolution, providing a unique gaming experience for its players in different digital formats. Surprisingly, the game was never intended to be introduced.

Originaly intended as a spinoff of Prince of Persia’s “Assassin’s Creed”, the game now known as “Assassin’s Creed” revolved around a female sassassin, who is charged with guarding a Jerusalem-based prince. Prince of Persia was originally called Assassins. Ubisoft rejected this concept after approximately a year of development. It wasn’t sufficiently focused on the prince. The game evolved into Assassin’s Creed!

This is The Era Of Gamers

In 2022, there were more three billion gamers around the world. Gaming is more than a hobby. We have professional gamers who make a living out of playing video games.

You may also want to give them gifts on special occasions, especially if there are such gamers in your family.


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