The newest game in the Soulsborne series, which was developed by FromSoftware, is the company’s largest and most ambitious project to date.

Instead of having areas that are connected in a linear fashion, Elden Ring has a massive open world for players to explore that is packed with important content. It is highly recommended that you arm yourself with some of Elden Ring’s best weapons, such as Godslayer’s Greatsword, Moonveil, or Rivers of Blood, before attempting to travel through The Lands Between on your own. This will make the journey much easier.

In addition, Elden Ring provides a selection of armors that can be worn for the purpose of increasing your statistics or simply for the sake of looking good. Consider reading our article on the Top 20 Elden Ring Armor Sets, in which you will find a variety of armors that are both attractive and effective in terms of their stats. This article can be read for any reason.

The entrance to Sealed Tunnel can be found to the southeast of Outer Wall Phantom Tree, which is the location of grace. On the map that can be found below, the location of the Sealed Tunnel has been marked:

All Collectibles Can Be Found Inside the Elden Ring’s Sealed Tunnel.

Once you have entered the tunnel, stop and take a break at the site of grace

As soon as you make it inside the tunnel, you’ll realize that there is no way to proceed, despite the fact that you can clearly hear the sounds of mining

This occurs as a result of the presence of an illusory wall in the tunnel

If you’re interested in learning more about hidden walls, check out our guide on the locations of hidden paintings in Elden Ring

A peculiar hole can be found in the wall halfway between the summoning pool and the fire structure. You can uncover the hidden passage that will lead you inside the tunnel by either attacking or rolling towards that section of the wall. After entering the tunnel, you will need to interact with the miner who is sitting directly in front of you. After that, proceed towards the wooden platform using the wooden stairs, then turn right and grab the Golden Rune.

Now crack open the treasure chest and retrieve the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 2 from inside. After that, make your way to the primary floor of the location, where you should be able to locate a few more miners. The vast majority of them are miners and will continue to remain unaffected by your actions unless you strike them.

Now make a U-turn and head in the direction of the area where there are three miners going about their business. Rescuing them will allow you to retrieve the Cracked Crystals that they were mining from the wall. Before continuing, you might find it helpful to look through our guide on the best flails for the Elden Ring.

Now that you’ve dealt with everything in the area, you can proceed to the location where you opened the chest. There is an illusory wall hidden behind the chest. You can continue your journey through the Sealed Tunnel by either attacking it or rolling through it.

Once you have this Elden Ring items in your possession, continue to descend by jumping down a series of rocky platforms until you reach the base of the level. Once you have reached the bottom, continue along the main path until you come to another wall that is preventing your advancement. The wall in question is, as you probably guessed, yet another illusory wall.

Make a running jump onto the first wooden branch, and continue straight ahead. When you have traversed approximately half of the branch, you should leap onto the second wooden branch that is located below, and then leap towards the small cave that is located to your right. Bear in mind that there are three Vulgar Militias in this area, so be on the lookout for attacks from them.

Another collectible, referred to as the Golden Pickled Fowl Foot, can be found at the very end of this trunk. You are free to proceed immediately to the following section of the Sealed Tunnel at this time. Having said that, there are a couple of important items that you need to collect before you get out of this section of the Sealed Tunnel. This must be done before you can leave the area.

Elden Ring runes is imperative that you eliminate the Vulgar Militia first so that he does not aggravate you while you are engaged in combat. Make sure to lure Abductor Virgin to the eastern corner of the floor, where there is a glowing statue, before you decide to fight him. This will give you the best chance of success.

After you have made sure that you have each of these items in your inventory, climb the ladder, make your way across the branches, and then follow the path that leads to the eastern passage. Continue moving forward along the path until you come across a Stake of Marika and a massive wooden root that is blocking the way. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bypass this root like an invisible roadblock and continue on with your journey.

Descend the stairs, then turn left and proceed toward the wooden wheelbarrow on the ground. Keep an eye out for another enemy that explodes over there. Once you have dealt with it, go back to the corpse and collect any Large Glintstone Scraps that are there. In addition to that, you might want to read through our guide on the best katanas in Elden Ring.

After colliding with the illusory wall, continue along the primary path in the direction of the illuminated area with a chasm filled with tree roots. You can descend to the bottom of the chasm by jumping onto the tree roots and rocky platforms below. As you progress deeper into the ground, you will inevitably come across various collectibles that you can pick up along the way.

When you are standing on the first root, make a left jump and continue to descend from the rocky platforms until you reach the fifth Smithing Stone. From that vantage point, hop onto the root that is directly in front of you, and from there, execute a running jump from the root onto the rocky platform that is located to the right of the root.

Once you’ve arrived at that location, grab some Lightning Grease. Now continue to make your way down the canyon until you reach the bottom. Be wary of the enemies at the bottom; some of them explode. Once you’ve dealt with them, go ahead and pick up the Golden Rune 9 that’s been left lying around. You have now finished collecting all of the items that can be found in the Sealed Tunnel. The only thing left for you to do at this point is to go up against Onyx Lord, who is currently waiting for you on the other side of the golden fog wall.


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