Get ready this week to be a witness of a celestial marvel, a young crescent Moon. Sometime during this week, a young moon will appear in the Taurus constellation, which is a bull. The next new moon will happen on 12 April at 03:30 BST. So make sure to keep an eye towards the western part of the sky around sunset. The young moon will be visible after the twilight in upcoming days.

When and where you can see the young crescent moon?

The astronomical chart suggested that the moon will appear in the west from London at 21:00 BST on April 16th. If you are from the southern hemisphere you will have the chance to view this marvel on 17th April after twilight.

Starwatch: prepare to track down a young crescent moon

When the sun only has a faint glow remaining, then the moon will only have 18% of its surface visible to us. The moon will be almost at the same height as the Betelgeuse, a giant red star which highlights the shoulder of the constellation Orion. Later on, the moon will move higher in the sky towards Mars.

The youngest moon to be witnessed without an optical aid?

Spotting the youngest moon possible without any equipment has always been interiguing for every astronomer. It is completely feasible to view the thinnest crescent after the new moon in the west after sunset.

Starwatch: prepare to track down a young crescent moon

In order for you to see a young moon with only your eyes, in the hours following the new moon, the celestial body must move some distance from the sun on the sky horizon. Usually you can’t see the young crescent of the moon on the day of the new moon. The reason behind this is because the celestial body is crossing the sky with the sun bright during the day. But it can happen sometimes.

Almost a day after the new moon, you will be able to catch a glimpse of a very thin line of the crescent moon. you can witness it just after the sun sets. In the bright yellow sky the young moon appears as a faint crescent. The sight is heavenly beautiful. No wonder skywatchers want to catch a new moon all the time.

Mohsen G. Mirsaeed in Iran currently holds the record of spotting the youngest ever moon with the help of an optical aid. He witnessed a very young crescent moon with his binoculars just 11 hours and 40 minutes after the new moon back in September 7, 2002.

Starwatch: prepare to track down a young crescent moon

The photograph above, captured by the Thierry Legault in 2013. It was taken just an instant after the new moon.

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