These days, more and more people choose to work from home on various social platforms. Thus, audio devices have become an increasingly important role in operating their works smoothly. 

If you’re one of them, we highly recommend you to improve your audio with the TONOR Cardioid Condenser USB mic, which is one of the common options of many experienced freelancers in the field. 

In the blog, we will share some useful tips for choosing a microphone for your home studio without any troubles which we experienced before. Dive in with us to reach a thoughtful answer now.

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How to choose A Microphone To Improve Your Audio

Noise Floor

To be honest, one of the disadvantages of most condenser mics is the noise level/ floor. This “noise floor” term is in connection with the tool’s level of “noise-self”. Speaking differently, when you turn a microphone up yet don’t create any noise, you will still catch little noise in the environment. 

In fact, there are various factors that affect the noise floor, such as the grounding/ electricity in the studio, your preamp, or your option of cables. Thus, when you choose a condenser USB mic, please put more consideration into some key features which can reduce the noise level of this device. 

Power Supply

A lot of high-end mics come with a required phantom power or power supply. If you intend to place the microphone stand in your vocal booth, it will be a big problem when you don’t have wire for the supply. Especially if you have to stay mobile, buying an item with the required supply to replace your present mic will be an ideal choice. 

Thus, power is a key factor you need to consider carefully before choosing one. 

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Seek a Frequency Range of 20-20,000 Hz

The limits of human hearing are from 20 to 20,000 Hz, so a mic should have this range to catch all those in this frequency band. Some microphones are bounded to 12khz or 15khz. This factor might make some “muddy” sounding records that could lack the “air” and sparkle. From that, it will affect the overall sound recording quality.

Pick An Appropriate Mic

Currently, there are two common kinds of microphones: condenser and dynamic.  

The first one creates some signal thanks to the coil of wire. The pile of the coil can make some restrictions in the frequency band. 

The other utilizes a thin capacitor aiming to create the signal. And, thanks to its little mass, the mic could capture high-level frequencies as well as fast change sounds as “transients”. 

Of course, they come at different prices in the current market. Hence, depending on your budget, you will pick the right one to meet your demand. 

TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic Review 


  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Connector Kind: USB
  • Compatible Devices: Personal Computer, Laptop
  • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
  • Power Source:  Corded Electric
  • Frequency Response: 50-20kHz
  • Bit Rate: 16
  • Sensitivity: -32dB±3dB
  • Hardware Platform: PC, Laptop
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Styrene
  • Item Weight: 400 Grams

Overview of the Tonor Microphone

The Tonor brand has made it to the entertainment field since the first-rate age of stereo. And, it has been keeping the first position in high-end sound production. Among its outstanding product lines, the TC30 microphone is the leading product of their operation.  

The TC30 takes pride in having condenser microphone preamps that are completely self-contained and discrete and an array of other beautiful functions. Some great features might be mentioned such as typical three-band EQ to shape the precise sound, energetic noise canceling on most platforms, or high-pass filter to manage feedback from vibration.  

Key Features 

The model has a prominent Cardioid Pick-up pattern as well as an efficient off-axis repression feature, permitting it to suppress unexpected background noise and catch more natural or planned sound. This factor will let you concentrate on what ideas make conversation most authentically and smoothly.

The PS4 mic has come to the industry with the smart and simple design of Plug & Play via a USB 2.0 data port without any additional driver. In addition, the version is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows. Thus, the pattern offers an easy experience for users. 

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If you are a newbie in the sector, you won’t feel like a fish out of water any longer to connect the tool with a certain driver. This feature also delivers an easy installation for users. Without any complicated assembly, you simply need to fasten the microphone tripod to the filter; then, you can enjoy your work already. 

It has a foldable mic stand and shock mount, which are really useful extras that allow you to bring it wherever without worrying about defects in your treasure tool!

Moreover, the manufacturer is equipped with specific anti-vibration for the model. Also, thanks to this upgraded concealed mount lessens noise-triggered keyboard strokes, a touch of your mic, radiator, or even mouse clicks. These things offer you obvious crystal recordings with a bit of distortion in the tone. 

With these key features combined with many reviews from skillful freelancers, the option is perfect for online conferences, streaming, meeting, podcasting, voiceovers, or gaming. And this is also an ideal choice for those looking for a microphone for singing

You won’t want to miss it for the world. Buy it on Amazon now!

Pros & Cons


  • Outstanding quality sound 
  • Use it at ease with only two dials managing the sound (one for tone and the other for volume); and two dials for controlling noise cancellation. 
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for most purposes for home studios. 


  • Without cover 
  • No remote editing feature

In A Nutshell

Do your patience still stay with us until these last words? If so, we believe that our content has unclogged your curiosity earlier, thanks to the review to improve your audio with the TONOR Cardioid Condenser USB mic.

By and large, the outstanding quality of this TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic deserves to accompany you in your effective “work from home studio.” 

Certainly, there are plenty more fish in the sea, yet at an economical price, the option has satisfied most pockets currently. If you still put on your thinking cap, tap on the link to get more information and reviews about this prominent option!


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