How Can Contact Center Services Make Or Break Brand Loyalty?

Imagine customers unable to connect to the support unit for eradicating grievances or solving an issue with a product. It literally damages the reputation of a brand even if it has taken years to establish. It has been found that customers with bad support experiences are four times more like to switch to competitive brands.

Whether it is voice support or chat assistance, an unacceptable downtime or holding time can cost a business dearly. To nurture a brand in a competitive market, efforts need to connect well. Businesses need to remember that a contract center unit is the most human for a brand can show and it has to be perfect. It can really break or make brand loyalty. Even 96% of the customers agree that a well-equipped customer service system is mandatory for brand loyalty.

Contact Center Service Industry: A Key to Brand Loyalty

As per new 2021 market surveys, more than 91% of customers have left using good brands based on their lagging customer services. 88% of customers feel that customer service is as important as designing and marketing a new product or service. Adding to these facts, 96% of customers believe in good support and think that it can build excellent customer loyalty.

Well, the degree of loyalty among customers determines how well a business has established its brand. Based on the surveys done, it has been found that 65% to 75% of the business of any genre is generated from retained customers. In fact, maintaining a customer retention program costs less than gaining new ones. 82% of companies and businesses have found that generating leads and converting them into loyal customers cost way more than retaining the old ones. This is where the contribution of contact center services can be clearly understood.

Based on the same surveys, it is concluded that a satisfied customer might be willing to spend at least 140% more on the products and services offered. Hence, it does not entirely depend on the products/services sold but also on how a business decides to provide customer support. It is indeed a key to generating brand loyalty and revenue in the long run.

What Do the Experts Have to Say?

According to the top brand marketing experts, here are a few points we need to ponder upon to understand how a contact center service can make a difference.

1. Customer Experience

One of the prime factors that drive the building pace of brand loyalty in a competitive market is customer experience. It is a conglomeration of experiences of a customer based on a company’s products and services (read customer support) offered. It is an outcome of an elaborate series of events and positive interactions.

A reputed and experienced contact center service provider will add up a team of expert executives as per the business requirements and cater to such needs. Every call from a promising market can be handled professionally. From generating leads to telemarketing to providing the best product support, a hired contact center will provide such positive interactions and build customer loyalty.

2. Analyzing Industry Requirements 

Experts analyze customer interactions exceptionally and find out what exactly the businesses need to survive this cutthroat competition. When a new business is launched, the existing market shrinks automatically. Hence, a business will have to make a difference to stay in the game and analyzing customer support requirements matter the most.

Hiring a call center service provider will deliver the right platform to discover and analyze such requirements. A well-equipped vendor will provide IT-backed cloud-based contact center service to a business. This platform can be scaled and optimized according to modern needs. This is why experts suggest hiring such vendors who are willing to embrace the changes of the future and offer the most suitable services for generating brand loyalty.

3. Emphasizing One-On-One Interaction

The differences in online and offline interactions between a support cell and customers vary but both are important. Experts express the need for multichannel support from an experienced vendor, in this aspect. These offline and online experiences will be cultivated over a series of interactions and all need to be up to the mark. Hence, a multichannel customer support service provider is a must to build brand loyalty.

Final words

Most of the time, customers look for a customer executive who will listen to their pain points of queries related to a new provision. Providing the right voice to those customers is what builds trust deeply.

From the above discussion, we can easily conclude how a promising contact center service can build brand loyalty. On the contrary, a wrong choice can damage a well-built brand image. Hence, judging the current business needs and the industrial prospects, hire a service provider who can input creative, effective and intuitive customer service platforms to escalate customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.  

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