Everything You Need To Know About Armodafinil Artvigil 150mg


Armodafinil (also called Modvigil) is a prescription-only drug and the active ingredient of Artvigil 150mg. It treats conditions like narcolepsy and sleep apnea and helps with everyday tasks requiring increased concentration and alertness. Armodafinil’s effects last several hours, but how long does it stay in your system? What are the side effects? Where can I buy Armodafinil online?

What is Artvigil 150mg?

Artvigil is a generic version of the wakefulness-promoting medication Armodafinil. This medication is typically used to treat excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder.

Narcolepsy is a medical condition that causes you to feel extremely tired during normal waking hours, often without warning. It can also cause cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle tone), hallucinations, night terrors, and sleep paralysis.

Shift work sleep disorder occurs when your body’s natural circadian rhythm (internal clock) is disturbed because you’re working at an unusual time or rotating shifts regularly.

How to take Artvigil 150mg?

Take Armodafinil 150mg tablet orally with water.

Take Armodafinil 150mg tablet with or without food.

Take Armodafinil 150mg tablet at the same time each day. Do not take more than one 150 mg tablet in 24 hours, as an overdose can result in serious side effects like heart attack, stroke, and even death.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effects of Armodafinil Artvigil 150mg include headaches, nausea, and insomnia. Other possible side effects may include:

  • Sleepiness or tiredness
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Anxiety and mood changes, including depression (more common in children)
  • Increased blood pressure (hypertension), heart rate, and rhythm disturbances such as vibrations

What are the warnings and precautions?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not take Artvigil. There has been no research on the effects of Armodafinil on babies, and it may cause harm.

If you have a history of heart problems, do not take this drug without consulting your doctor. Some people have reported heart palpitations after taking Armodafinil, and there is a possibility that it could cause similar issues in those who already have an underlying condition.

If you have a history of mental health disorders like anxiety or depression, talk to Dr. Faride Ramos, MD before taking Artvigil. It can worsen some symptoms or trigger new ones, like insomnia and restlessness.

How long does Artvigil stay in your system?

The half-life of Artvigil is about 10 to 13 hours. This means that if you take a dose of 150mg at 5 PM, then by noon the next day, half of the drug will be gone from your system.

If it’s out of your system within 24 hours, it won’t appear on a drug test.

What are the benefits of Armvigil 150mg?

The key benefits of Armodafinil 150mg include:

  • Improves concentration and alertness.
  • Improves memory, focus, and motivation.
  • Decreases fatigue.

How long does Artvigil take to start working?

You’re probably wondering how long it takes for Artvigil to start working and how long it lasts. Depending on your body’s chemistry and metabolism, it can take about 1–2 hours to feel the effects. The average is about 1 hour. That said, some people may feel their first effects within 30 minutes of taking Artvigil, while others don’t experience any noticeable changes for several hours after taking the drug.

When does it start working? How long does it last?

Typically, you begin feeling the effects of Armodafinil after about an hour or so (you might start noticing some changes in perception), but you should know that different factors influence how long it will take before your body starts responding to this medication; these include:

Where can I buy Armodafinil online?

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Artvigil 150mg is a great way to boost your cognitive performance, but you must take it responsibly and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Please contact us if you have any questions about this medication or other similar products! We would love to help answer any questions you may have about Armodafinil Artvigil 150mg so that we can ensure everyone stays safe while using their medications.

Author: Dr. Laura Elizabeth Mutter, graduated from the Tulane University School of Medicine in 2003. She works in Houma, LA and 1 other location and specializes in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Dr. Mutter is affiliated with Leonard J Chabert Medical Center.

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