Exciting Career Opportunities with Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification 

With the rapid digitization of business functionality across the world, there’s a rising demand for handling large Microsoft MD-100 , configuring software, and managing devices. A Microsoft certification to prove your capabilities in the industry can significantly improve your chances of nailing that job interview. 

In this article, let’s look at why it is in your best interest to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certificate.

Brief Certification Overview

The Modern Desktop Microsoft AZ-303 is an intermediate-level designation by Microsoft and is offered under the Microsoft 365 product category. This certification caters to people who are looking to fulfill requirements for an administrator role within an enterprise that utilizes Windows and Microsoft 365 services. 

There are two exams that a candidate needs to face to become certified, i.e the MD-100 and MD-101. 

Some of the core exam objectives spanning across both exams include:

  • Knowledge of Windows System deployment processes
  • Managing and securing data, devices, and applications
  • Capture and migration of user files and settings
  • Updating and upgrading operating systems
  • Modern management with Microsoft 365

The passing score for both exams is 700 (about 70%) just like every other Microsoft exam. You’ll achieve a digital badge if you successfully pass both exams, which will help market yourself towards exciting career options.

Career opportunities that open up

The Microsoft AZ-104 is a role-based certification, which can be gained in two steps and requires a serious approach. Also, the role-based certifications are designed by Microsoft to cater to the specific requirements of businesses. It simplifies the task for hiring managers when choosing the ideal professionals for particular jobs. Here are some career opportunities that are relevant to the skills verified in this associate level Microsoft certification.

  • Help Desk Technician – The responsibility of this job role is to ensure the smooth running of IT services in an enterprise environment. The salary can vary significantly depending on the workload, complexity, and other factors, but on average a Help Desk Technician earns an hourly rate between $13-$24.
  • Desktop Support Specialist – These professionals are responsible for maintaining hardware and software in enterprises. They make decisions regarding configuration, maintenance, and security when required. Companies that adopt Microsoft 365 services are likely to give higher precedence to hiring professionals who have Microsoft credentials. Hourly pay rate $16-$32.
  • System Administrator Microsoft AZ-500 – Entry-level system administrators earn an average annual salary of $51,913. Apart from maintaining and configuring systems this role also demands professionals that have up-to-date knowledge to constantly improve the efficiencies of existing systems. 
  • Windows Desktop Administrator – The job role involves maintaining and managing a Window. It requires sound knowledge of Windows and good troubleshooting skills. The base salary can range between $38k and $69k and is dependent on the experience.

All salaries listed above are from Microsoft AZ-900 statistics.


Desktop Administration is evolving every day. Companies are keen on keeping up with the latest technology to improve efficiencies and reduce vulnerabilities in business operations. Acquiring the Microsoft AZ-204 : Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification showcases your ability to implement modern solutions to deal with devices and client apps in an enterprise environment. Also, it brings you a wide variety of career opportunities. So, obtaining this accreditation this year is a wise choice.

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