How to Find Aliens in GTA 5?

GTA is coming up with new and more fascinating stuff and now it has aliens too, Now you can go for alien hunting in GTA V, there have been many theories about these secret aliens and UFO sightings.

Here’s how you can find aliens:

First things first it is essential that you complete 100% of your story and only after completing the game you can get the actual experience of this thrilling mystery.

where to find aliens in GTA

There have been various UFO sightings in the game by the players one of the most obvious spooky place Mount Chiliad, others in Fort Zancudo and Sandy Shores.

Both in Fort Zancudo and Sandy Shores you’ll find UFOs and you can investigate and take a closer look by calling an aircraft and flying near it, as mentioned it’s still a mystery of what exactly are those UFOs doing there.

For Mount Chiliad it is a more rip-roaring experience cause here you can find actual aliens!

  • First, you’ve to go to Omega’s in the desert to find a very special vehicle that will help you with your alien mission, take the vehicle usually parked in front of the garage.
  • Go to the top of the Mountain where you’ll find an abandoned cable service station inside which many players have seen unusual activities so if you’re lucky enough you’ll spot a UFO spawn there after a while.
  • After the UFO is there you may find aliens nearby the station, If you don’t go to your car and honk, the special vehicle makes a special kind of sound which according to the player’s theory is a way to communicate with the aliens.
  • And with trials and errors, this theory of players have worked after honking you’ll find aliens inside the station, or if not aliens you’ll find an alien egg.
  • Furthermore, inside the cable station there a pyramid map graffiti on the wall with peculiar symbols
  • An important point to remember is don’t make any noise if you spot the alien they might disappear.

where to find aliens in GTA

This is how you find aliens in the game and this is just one discovery out there, after completion of your story you’ll find a lot of mysterious things in the game which makes it more stirring. There are a gazillion conspiracy theories regarding the egg that you find and the patterns on the wall. So, make sure you check this riveting mission of the game.

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