how is the minecraft vr experience? Why should you try it once?

What if we told you, you could be in the world of Minecraft? Being in Minecraft, very exciting! We cannot exactly take you in the Minecraft universe but you can at least trick your brain into thinking it is.

PlayStation Minecraft players, it’s time to celebrate. Your most favorite game is now available in VR mode. Wait, there is more good news. The VR mode will come free with the main game. So now, if you already have Minecraft on PlayStation, you just have to install the latest update.

how is the "minecraft vr" experience? Why should you try it once?

What do you need to experience Minecraft in VR?

We know you cannot hold your excitement in. So if you want to play Minecraft in VR you will need to assemble a few things beforehand.

You will need a Playstation set, PlayStation Camera and PlayStation VR headset. But don’t surround yourself with those wall screens like some funny book villain. And take our advice, ignore the trap door.

What is new in Minecraft VR?

how is the "minecraft vr" experience? Why should you try it once?

Yes you read it right, Minecraft VR mode will be more exciting. Now, you will be able to choose from two VR sets – Immersive and Living Room. You can also tweeze your VR settings for more comfort.

Living Room Mode will put you in a Minecraft living room. It would be as if you are playing Minecraft on a huge TV. If you look around yourself with the PSVR headset on, then you will see the Minecraft Living Room in 3D. Another VR mode for you to play is Immersive Mode. It puts you in the Minecraft world, just as if you are actually the character that you are playing with. It will give you the full VR experience. And we highly recommend it.

As we already know, not everyone can handle the thrills of VR. If it is hard for you to keep down your lunch on car rides, boat, planes, or rollercoasters, make sure you start your VR experience with shorter sessions. Don’t rush it, try to find your ideal setting, and don’t continue if you feel zig-zag.

Is Minecraft VR play worth it?

how is the "minecraft vr" experience? Why should you try it once?

We totally recommend you try Minecraft in VR mode. The game sure does guarantee player comfort when playing. If you are not comfortable and feel queasy while playing the game then it doesn’t matter how fun your game is. The sole focus of the game was around gamers’ comfort and it also made sure that your VR experience is enjoyable and fun. Everything that was possible to do in Bedrock Minecraft on PS4 is also possible in 3D on PSVR.

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