The GTA Universe has some blazing heroes and vicious villains. Read on to find our top five favorite GTA characters in the game series.

Frank Tenpenny

Top 5 gta characters

Frank Tenpenny is as low and viscous as criminals come. The crooked cop was a major character in the scandalous LAPD issue of the Rodney King and Daryl Gates time. Although Tenpenny is supposed to work under the law, he is just as much a vicious criminal as any of the other criminals in San Andreas.

Tenpenny acts as a formidable enemy for CJ throughout the narrative of the game.
Upon CJ’s arrival back in San Andreas, he comes face to face with Tenpenny. Tenpenny instantly becomes the ace by threatening CJ to frame him with the murder of a cop unless he does what Tenpenny wants.

Our relationship with Tenpenny is clearly of hatred. However, we can’t shake off his certain amoral spark. The baleful voice acting by one of the legendary actors Samuel L. Jackson makes us disgust Tenpenny more. Tenpenny remains the utmost vile GTA guy.

Yusuf Amir

Top 5 gta characters

Yusuf Amir is the flamboyant son of a real estate magnate from Dubai. Yusuf owns a few dangerous gangsters and a shady nightclub. This is supposed to make him a vile guy but his stupid behavior doesn’t do much for his reputation.

Yusuf has built himself a small empire of cocaine and women with daddy’s money. He’s also very fond of dancing in his underwear on the bop song “Arab Money” yusuf is so hilariously dumb that we cannot help but love him.

Lance Vance

Top 5 gta characters

Vance is a mix of both Ricardo Tubbs from Miami Vice and Lando Calrissian from The Empire Strikes Back. Lance Vance is one of the bigger cats in the gaming universe.

Vance is always dressed in the finest and the softest pastel suits. His outfit is a little too cute for his career as a criminal. Lance acts as Tommy Vercetti’s companion for a long time in Vice City. However, under all his calm facade lies a man filled with vile anger and a taste for revenge.

Lance often acts out of the line and puts his life in danger. He is a memorable character in the universe and his troubled friendship with Tommy is one of the chaotic relationships in the GTA gaming series.

Tommy Vercetti

Top 5 gta characters

Tommy Vercetti is one of the major characters in the GTA series. Tommy was the first protagonist in GTA to have a full voiceover. Tommy was our sense of sight and hearing as we traveled through the blinging shady streets of Vice City.

Tommy’s character was inspired by Al Pacino’s iconic character Tony Montana from Scarface. He was quick to pull out his gun when pissed.

Tommy fought tooth and nail with Sonny Forelli for Vice City’s drug market. Under all his cranage and murderous facade Tommy was a soft boy. When he was betrayed by his friend Vance he was quite sad. Even though there were many anti-heroes in GTA, Tommy was our perfect man for the 80s.

Carl Johnson

Top 5 gta characters

CJ may be the last protagonist of GTA’s PlayStation 2 epoch, but he was the inspiration behind many of Rockstar’s future character designs. GTA IV’s Niko Bellic and Red Dead Redemption’s John Marsten are based on him. CJ is a hero with redefined conscience. CJ is still haunted by the ghost of his troubled past.

Johnson grew up in Los Santos’s notorious Grove Street Families. They controlled all of the city’s gang-run streets. After his family was pressurized by the C.R.A.S.H. task force and his brother Brian tragically died, CJ his home to start anew in Liberty City.

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