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Good morning, readers. In this article we will share information about an American champion boxer. Dear readers: Have you heard of Hasim Rahman Jr Boxrec? He is the son Hasim Sharif Rahman and a former Professional Boxer.

Jake Paul (a Youtuber) and Rahman Jr. (a trained boxer), faced off in a conference for a bout of boxing. The media was immediately interested Worldwide. During heated arguments, however, they all remained within their limits.

Short about Rahman Jr

Rahman is a professional boxer who is 31 years old. He is also the son a former heavyweight lifter. He was born in Baltimore and Mayland. He is also known as the Gold Blooded Boxer.

Hasim Rahman Jr Boxing Record –

Paul, 25 years old, will be facing Hasim Rahman at Madison Square Garden on August 6, 2022. Paul, on the other hand, has a 12-1 professional record in boxing bouts. Paul has only played 6 bouts and won 5 of them. His current KO rate stands at 46.2%.

Rahman Jr.’s first fight was against Ralph Alexander, 2017. He won that fight and went on to win every subsequent fight against professional boxers, except one. He lost in the fight against James McKenzie Morrison on April 29, 2022, a non-title match. Due to this loss, he had to forfeit his KO points.

Hasim Rahman Jr Wiki –

Rahman Jr. stands 6ft. 2inches tall. He is 6’3.20 inches tall. He displayed an ape-index 0 cm. He also has the attitude of an actual fighter. He lost a match against McKenzie during the 5th round of 2022. While he played well in the previous rounds, Mckenzie, a highly-trained, experienced player, won the match with his brain trick and powerful body.

Paul is still relatively new to this field compared with Rahman Jr. However, he has won all matches except one. The Hasim Raman Jr Boxrec match with Paul will be very interesting. During Tuesday’s promotional event on July 12, both players were seen having a little fight.


Q.1 Jake Paul’s height?

A.1 Jake Paul stands 1.85cm tall.

Q.2 How does Jake Paul connect to Logan Paul?

Jake’s brother, Q.2 Logan Paul. He is a wrestler, and he signed for WWE this season. He has 23M Youtube Subscribers.


Jake Paul, a famous professional boxer, will face Rahman Jr. at Madison Square Garden, New York on Aug 6, 2022, 9:15 pm. For more information about this topic please visit the following link

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