The Falcon and The Winter Solider’s Episode 6 Everything You Need to Know

So the miniseries of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has finally come to an end and the MCU has got its new man behind the shield, Captain America.The Falcon and the winter soldier is a six-episode long miniseries, part of phase 4 of MCU, the series stars Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, the falcon, and Sebastian stan as Bucky, the winter soldier these are the two protagonists of the series and the storyline of the series is based on this duo testing their skills and going on an adventure.

The miniseries had many other MCU characters as well like characters from Wakanda and also a new Captain America recruited by the government who is a military chap, after Wilson left the shield Steve Rogers gave him this character is played by Wyatt Russell.The Falcon and the Winter Solider's episode 6 everything you need to know!

The Falcon and The Winter Solider’s Episode 6 Overview:

So this season’s finale was an absolute roller coaster ride with a lot happening and we’ll cover everything in detail starting with the major part of the episode when Sam Wilson finally becomes the new Captain America of the MCU, the lockdown at GRC inside there is Bucky and Sharon who uses the same technology to disguise herself as Natasha did in the Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Karli waits for Sam for the fireworks and then enters the hero, Wilson comes insides and says “I’m Captain America.” and wow! and there’s a beautiful smile on Bucky’s face of all the emotions he’s facing.

The Falcon and the Winter Solider's episode 6 everything you need to know!

Story line :

Wilson also got a marvelous new suit custom-made for him and gifted by Wakanda geniuses, the suit now has more vibrant colors and it is now one of the best suits in the MCU. Also, the wings of the new Captain are made by vibranium also by the geniuses of Wakanda and now the Captain is stronger than ever with the shield and wings.

A lot of action in the finale, Sam’s first fight as Captain is with Batroc who is also revealed was working with Sharon i.e the Power Broker, there are a lot Steve and Sam parallel like while ending the fight with Batroc Sam kicks up the shield and that’s a move Steve also used in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Sharon uses a mercury vapor bomb against Flag Smashers. 

Bucky fights on a bike and flips off it just like Rogers did in Winter Soldier while avoiding the quinjet. John Walker is given a chance for restoring what he did earlier and to make things right, Walker saves the hostages by pulling back the truck which was pushed to the edge to death by Karli, redeeming himself and showing his heroic side. Sam eventuality saves everyone. The remaining Flag Smashers are dispatched by Zemo, Zemo is definitely to return again.

In the end, it’s all good now everyone celebrates in the end scene and this is the end of the first Season of the falcon and winter soldier with a new amazing Captain.

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