Fear The Walking Dead Season 07 Episode 08 Everything You Need to Know

Initially released on August 23, 2015, Fear The Walking Dead is one of the most popular American post-apocalyptic horror dramas. There have been a few episodes of Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 aired since season 7 premiered. This show amazes its fans so much that after watching the previous episode, they can’t wait for the next one.


Fear The Walking Dead Recap

It was great to see Alicia back on screen, which was the best part of the episode for many fans. She was tasked with protecting a group of people confined in a bunker last season, and later she helped them survive in a radiated world. Despite her status as a badass survivor, Morgan should have seen her as strong as AF.

She didn’t need his help. Now that they have reunited, she should have invited him along so he could help her. In that brief scene, it’s evident that she knew both Morgan and Victor were around but hadn’t dealt with either of them until now. After Alicia’s camp was attacked by zombies with dirty bombs, the episode ended.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 07 Episode 08

When they detonated, they sent a wave of radiation their way. Things are getting very serious now for Alicia.

Release Date of Season 07

Fear The Walking Dead Season 07 has premiered, and several episodes have already aired. Season 07 Episode 08 release date is eagerly anticipated by fans after the premiere of the previous episode.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 07 Episode 08

It is expected that Season 07 Episode 08 will be released on December 5, 2021.

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