In the last year or so, especially under Trump’s presidency, there have been many issues and talks about the group known as ‘The Proud Boys’ and their activities in the United States of America. So, who is this so-called “the Proud Boys”?

The Origin and their Activities

Who are 'Proud Boys'? Why are they called 'terrorists' and not 'Antifa'?

The ‘Proud Boys’ was founded in 2016, by Vice Media’s Co-founder and former Commentator Gavin Miles McInnes and their name originated from the song “proud of your boy” from the 2011 Disney Musical “Allaudin”. They are a far-right, neo-fascist, and male-only white nationalist organization that promotes and engages in political violence in the United States and Canada. Although this group says that they reject the idea of White Supremecy and that they believe in all races, still their views having most of the elements of the white genocide conspiracy theory and have appeared in many multiple racists events and also events related to Fascists, anti-left, and anti-socialists. 

They believe in Violence and were also called “The Alt-right Fight Club” by the Southern Poverty Law Centre and were recently been in news for the historical ‘Capitol Riots’ that took place in Washington DC on January 6 of this year. Many Proud boys activities were arrested for having connections with people who stormed the White House building because, on that day, Congress was going to accept the state election results which declared that Joe Biden won the election and will become the next president of the United States, which eventually meant that Trump lost and will not become the POTUS for the next 4 years. This Group largely glorifies Trump’s Policy of White Supremacy and have shown great support to their ex-president. Trump also has shown his support for the group. During the Presidental Election Debate between Trump and Biden, when moderator Chris Wallace was asking Trump to disavow the Proud Boys, he replied that they were a group of ‘Antifa’, which is a loosely organized group of Left-wing Activists. He said: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by, but I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about ‘Antifa’ and the left because this is not a right-wing problem. This is a left-wing problem.”

The Organisation has been banned from several social networks namely, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and YouTube.

Canadian President Declaring Proud Boys as ‘Terrorist Group’

Who are 'Proud Boys'? Why are they called 'terrorists' and not 'Antifa'?

“The Proud Boys consists of semi-autonomous chapters located in the United States (U.S.), Canada, and internationally.” Mr. Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety Canada said in a statement. “The group and its members have openly encouraged, planned, and conducted violent activities against those they perceive to be opposed to their ideology and political beliefs.”

By this Statement, On February 3, 2021, Canada officially declared ‘The Proud Boys’, the far-right extremist group that has been gaining notoriety as a “Terrorist Group”. It was an extraordinary step taken by the Canadian president as neither the organization nor its members were ever faced with Terrorism charges. This means that the Government can now take the property and several different belongings that are connected or belong to this group and also the financial institutions are now responsible for reporting their requirements concerning the group’s property under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act.

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