Dungeons & Dragons : Good Magic Items For Sorcerers 5e

Dungeons & Dragons 5e is a video game where every player wants to score by doing loot. Dragons, liches and crazy monsters can suit a character but the trick is knowing what type of loot suits you and what you need to pass. The game comes with magical items for Sorcerers that every Sorcerer would love to tune in with whether you are here to build your character or a loot in your campaign.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

It is popular due to the pop culture and hence came with it’s 5th even greater edition. The current edition has outlasted all its previous editions with fantastic rules and features. The most interesting feature is the new edition Wizards of the Coast that keeps you around for a long time and produces new supplement materials which means expansion of guide, magical power and handbook.

Dungeons & Dragons : Good Magic Items For Sorcerers 5e

Magical Items for Sorcerers

1. Pearl of Power

It falls under the “more spells” category for three greatest needs. Its can be used easily once each day and enables the sorcerer to regain one expended slot to Level 3. But the sorcerers need to learn and remember a lot of spells .

2. Periapt Of Wound Closure

This spell is used for protections and does not cover spells, charisma or armor particularly. With this wound you don’t have to worry about failing the three saving throws and dying before anyone comes to rescue you.

3. Staff of Power

This is extremely powerful and rare. With this the sorcerer instead of regaining spells, can cast Cone of Cold, Fireball, Globe of Invulnerability, Hold Monster, Magic Missile and many more. The sorcerer doesn’t have to remember 9 spells giving bonus attacks, throws and armor class.

4. Tome of Leadership and Influence

If the sorcerer reads this book he/she will be able to reach the maximum score due to the permanent bonus they get because it increases Charisma of the Sorcerer.

Dungeons & Dragons : Good Magic Items For Sorcerers 5e

5. Ring of spell storing

This magic is capable of storing up to 5 level’s worth of spells. The spellcasters can store the spell to regain their slots and carry it around. The sorcerer doesn’t have to necessarily have to use this spell.

6. Rod of Absorption

This provides the spellcaster with more spells in form of additional slots and learned spell. It can absorb or cancel out a spell aimed at wielder. The spellcasters owing this can convert its energy to extra spell slots upto 5th level.

7. Cloak of Displacement

It is a defencive item that protects the wearer. It gives an illusion that makes the wearer appear standing somewhere else confusing the opponent. But it is not beneficial if the wearer is restrained.

8. Ring of Protection

It is an old gold that has been seen throughout all seasons in D&D. It boosts your armor class and saves throws by 1.

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