The roulette game is most referred to as the “Queen of Casinos”, a common game dating to the 18th century. Most players appreciate Online Roulette in a casino because it is practical, and one can easily play big if they play carefully and are smart. It doesn’t require special training because its rules are easy to memorize. Blaise Pascal, a French philosopher and mathematician, was the creator of the roulette ever in Paris in 1796.

The Coming of Online Roulette on the Internet

This ancestral game was completely revolutionized by making its way into the digital path and is found in webs today. It comes in multiple variants in online casinos, which attracts all kinds of people compared to the original options that were there before. It is also a common application in mobile phones where enthusiasts can play at any time.

The Structure of an Electronic Roulette

The roulette tray is concave with a wheel at its center of 56cm. It is divided into 37pockets, and each pocket is separated from the other by partitions made of copper or platinum. The colors and numbers in roulette are not placed by chance, and they may be confusing for beginners, but when you finally have a grip on the game, it works just fine.

The pockets have specific numbers and are either black or red. There is a dreaded wheel pocket which is zero, and an asymmetry created by the arrangement of numbers on the dial that you can clearly differentiate. There are certain rules to apply when dealing with these numbers. You should alternate numbers from 1-18 with those from 19-36 and check on the juxtaposition of even and odd numbers. For instance, you will only get a maximum of two odd numbers next to each other, and the same applies to even numbers.

The Roulette game has one or more wheels that are well arranged on the wheel. The rolling of the balls is done carefully to ensure an optimal regularity of movement.

How to Play the Roulette game?

As already established, a roulette has 37 or 38 partitions, each numbered. You play by having a dealer drop the ball onto the wheel as it spins, and you place your bets based on where you think the ball will land when the wheel stops. You can bet on a color, a specific number, odd or even numbers, and so much more. You win in this game based on the size of your bet and the payout of the chosen outcome. When there is a higher likeliness of a certain outcome, then the payout is lower, while on rare or unlikely outcomes, the payout is higher.

In online roulette, you can play the classic live roulette games, which have real dealers or a video roulette where a random number generator determines the outcome or even the modern roulette versions like the popular live game Lightning roulette. It is quite difficult to cheat your way out or affect the outcome of the game in online roulette. However, you can learn how to place your bets in the most promising way ever, which we will tackle in this article.

The roulette wheel is partitioned into small and equally sized pockets numbered from 0-36, colored red or black. There is an additional green pocket in European roulette and two green ones in American roulette. When you place an even-money bet, the green pockets come into play, and when you land on them, the wheel spins again, and if your initial bet wins, you regain your prize.

Online Roulette Tips for Beginners

If you are new to the game, then there is no need to be worried because we’ve got you covered. It is essential to ensure that you have fun while playing and also play according to your financial capabilities. You must go for more information on the game because there may be trends in the online roulette you didn’t know about. As long as you follow these basic rules then you will be good to go with online roulette.

Learn The Game Rules

It is important to understand how the game is played so that you make smarter choices that will increase your chance of winning. The most important rules are discussed above, which is an alternation of the different groups of numbers and juxtaposition between odd and new numbers. There could be some slight differences between the various types of roulette, like lightning roulette and classic roulette, but the basic principles are the same. The game rules are usually indicated next to the game in online casinos, so it is good to go through them first.

Try Demo Mode

Free play: If you are not very familiar with the roulette game, it is important to first try a free game before you involve the money to get some experience in the game. Most online games provide free plays in demo mode, but there are no demos for live roulette.

Forget your misconceptions

You may be tempted to think that if you lose continuously in a row, then you are assured of a win in the end. This is not the case in online games where an opponent can win throughout the game, and you lose. Play wisely and know your limits without using any kinds of superstitions on your winning probability because that could mess you up.

Stick to the Budget

Roulette can be an addictive game that keeps you pulled to playing beyond your means. If you find yourself spending more than you had budgeted for, then most likely, you are not going to win. It is therefore important to know when to actually stop. Unhealthy gambling starts with the idea that you can get back your losses eventually, so you decide to give it your all, which is not supposed to be the case. Play only within your means.

The House Always Wins

The casino always stands to gain from these kinds of games. It is therefore important to know the house edge for specific roulette games you want to play. If the house edge is lower, then that means that the return to the player is big and vice versa.

Strategies to Win Online Roulette

Outside Bets Vs. Inside Bets

In online roulette, we have inside and outside bets, and you have a higher chance of winning from the outside bets. Inside bets are difficult to win, but when you win, you get a huge amount, while with outside bets, it is easier to win, but you get little amounts.

Column Betting

Outside bets are black/red, even/odd, and high/low, and they are also referred to as column bets. When the balls land on these columns, you have a higher chance of winning. These kinds of bets, the column and outside, guarantee you a chance of winning, and they come with small amounts in the wins.

European Roulette

European roulette has a higher chance of winning than American roulette. American roulette has 38 compartments, while the European roulette has 37 partitions. The 1-partition difference affects the house edge significantly. This makes European roulette have a lower house edge compared to American roulette, and it is thus easier to win in European roulette.


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