Doom Nightmare Tips You Must Know

Doom Eternal is a great game but its Nightmare difficulty is a bit frightening. Enemies are good opponent as they have the potential to kill the player in two hits and any of the players slightest slip can lead to a swift death. That’s why we are here to tell you some tips that going to help in survive Doom Eternal’s Nightmare difficulty.

Never Stop Moving

This may loud like it’s a stupid tip but it’s critical. Players never know where the enemy is as enemies constantly have their sights locked onto the player. It is necessary to have frequent movement for survival.

Doom Nightmare Tips You Must Know

It is better not to stand still for more than a second as only one shot is needed to get the player killed. It is better to utilise the dash movement to swiftly traverse the game’s arenas.

Collect everything

It’s better to check out that every collectable has been found before completing a mission. Players know their secrets as they are visible on the bottom right of the screen. It will have a brighter background if players discovered one already. If players still not found it then go fast travel by which players can go back and look around.

Having collectable is necessary for fighting against the final boss.Doom Nightmare Tips You Must Know

Important collectable players should not miss out –

  1. Praetor Token for general upgrades 
  2. Rune for swappable buffs 
  3. Weapon Mod for providing an alternative fire option for weapons
  4. Sentinel Crystal permanently increases health, armour or ammo 
  5. Battery for unlocking special areas in the Fortress of Doom

Upgrade the dash skill immediately

Dash skill plays a major role when most of the opponent encounters never let the player rest. Using Praetor Tokens for upgrading the dash skill is a great thing to do.

Doom Nightmare Tips You Must Know

It is better if players use “Faster Dasher” and “Hit and Run” because Faster Dasher reduces the cooldown between dashes and Hit and Run restores both dashes whenever you Glory Kill an enemy.

Ice Grenade is your best friend

The best thing players like about Ice Grenade is that players can not only immobilize enemies but also remove them from an encounter for a short time. It will always be better if you go for all four Ice Grenade upgrades but make sure that “Ice Bite” be your first purchase.

Doom Nightmare Tips You Must Know

The best thing is that with the help of upgrading it is easy to cause more damage to enemies as enemies takes more damage. The reason behind this is that it is providing an easy way to burn through larger demons.

If players use Ice Drops then it can cause a drop in health pickups of Frozen enemy. It is always better to couple it with Flame Belch and Blood Punch on a large group of enemies as it results to collect dozens of Health and Armor drops. The rest of two two Ice Grenade upgrades can be done in any order because they both increase the efficiency of the gadget in different ways.

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