Where To Get Persona 5 Takemi Gifts Everything You Need To Know

Persona 5  is one of the most popular role-playing video game. Critics have loved its visual presentation, art direction, gameplay, story, and music. Confidants gifts help us to build a relationship with Takemi in this game. That’s why here we are going to know some gifts that will impress her.

Mini Cactus

The mini cactus is considered one of the common gifts for women in Persona 5 Royal. It is a thoughtful gift that will help the player to win her heart.persona 5 takemi gifts

Players can get this item for 1600 Yen for a +3 Boost by the Underground Mall. For those players who are tight on allowance, this is the best gift to give her as it is the cheapest and most effective gifts

Black Mug

Black Mug is a quite stylish and practical gift just like her personality. Players get this mug at 1800 Yen and it is a +3 boost gift.To have a romance with this choosy doctor this black mug is reasonable.

persona 5 takemi gifts

48 Sided 3D Puzzle

Normally, girls would not love this puzzle but this smart girl would love it. She is a doctor who is curing young girls of unusual illnesses with practical drugs. She needs this 3D Puzzle to keep her mind functional during those passive days.

It’s an expensive gift as it requires 3,200 Yen. But for Stylish Doctor, she deserves it.

persona 5 takemi gifts

High-Performance Electric Toothbrush

It’s not considered a good romantic gift to a girl but when we think about a doctor this may be practical. Players can’t access it if they are playing the base version of Persona 5.

The only problem with this unique option is that it is a bit costly and players can buy it at 29800 Yen. It’s even silly to think that Joker proposing it as a grand romantic gesture. 

persona 5 takemi gifts

Heart Ring

The ring plays a major role in illustrating love. This heart ring can help her to escape her melancholic and insecure individuality. This gift is worth it.

This is pretty helpful for players as it can contribute +3 Boost to the romance. It will cost 88000 Yen. We know it’s much expensive but it going to make the relationship with Takemi stronger.

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