Overwatch is a great game and many gamers recommended it to their fellow friends and colleagues. It is a bit hard for newbies to take the Pharah game to the next level. That’s why we are here to tell some tips to take your Pharah Game up a level.

Learn To Stay In The Air

Pharah is considered one of the best vertical mobility characters as her thrusters allow her to fly. She also has a special ability known as Jump Jet which propels her into the air. The best about it that it works on a cooldown so it does not affect her fuel.

Pharah Guide Overwatch You Must Know

Now we know that how much significant it is to learn to stay in the air.  Players need to master this technique as much as possible.

Find Alternate Routes And Try To Approach From The Back

When we mastered her flying ability, we can go for a lot of exploration. To keep her from flying too high it is good to pass around the outside to avoid bottlenecks and enclosed areas. Players can also afford her flanking opportunities from this.

Pharah Guide Overwatch You Must Know

Flanking is an important thing to learn as players can turn the tide of battle as a result of forcing the enemy team to move to a new position. This also allows her to attack from the back.

Stay Mobile And Use Structures As Cover

The most common mistake newbies make are hovering right above enemy lines in full view. This leads to her quick death as this strategy leaves her in the open.

Pharah Guide Overwatch You Must Know

As we all know most Overwatch characters have tall structures. It is better to not give the enemy team enough time to spot her. It is recommended to do landing from time to time as it allows ducking through a hallway and pops up elsewhere.

Keep Tabs On Your Team’s Healers

Pharah Guide Overwatch You Must Know

Players never know when they need a healer. Players need to know where they can find a heater when they take a hit while manning the skies. Players also need to know how to ask for healing if they play off-mic. Usually, Pharah plays by spend long stretches which result in getting separated from the team. So, it’s important to know about the healer.

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