Cortana is a non-humanoid character in the Halo video game series. Well, Halo (video Game Series) is basically an American military science fiction media franchise which is managed as well as developed by 343 Industries whereas published by Xbox Game Studios. However, Bungie is the original developer of the franchise and its early main installments.

Cortana and Halo Guardians: Overview

Does Cortana Die In Halo Infinite .?

Undoubtedly, Cortana has been one of the principle character of the Halo franchise. However, Cortana might comeback in Halo Infinite based on how the previous story Halo 5: Guardians was left at the end. Halo 5: Guardians concluded its story with Cortana being disclosed as the primary antagonist behind everything that happened in the game also afterwards saw her set her sights on forcing peace throughout the galaxy along with her companion A.I. through any means necessary. However, the question stay that will Cortana meet her end in Halo Infinite?

Cortana’s Death does Fit With the Narrative

Cortana has ultimately become the dictator as well as ruler in the cosmos, whereas Master Chief along with his allies will contest in order to defeat Cortana and conclude her un-forced rule on galactic life. Somewhere or the other it does fit with the narrative in racing toward a climactic encounter between Master Chief and Cortana but only when she will meet her end.

Cortana’s Death will Continue Halo Further to set off

Does Cortana Die In Halo Infinite .?

Well, it’s quite possible that Cortana might recover true and benevolent at the end of the Halo Infinite but the Cortana getting defeated and concluding with her death anyhow will be a bold move for the franchise. The end of this character will allow the franchise to expand this games and stories without being dependent on just Cortana. And unfortunately the end of Cortana will be fortunate for the Halo future.

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