Watch Online Nevertheless Episode 9 : Release Date, Spoilers and Everything You need to know

Nevertheless Episode 9 being the penultimate episode of the season has made fans curious. Get to know the Release Date and Spoilers and where to watch the series.

Nevertheless is an adaptation of a famous webtoon named the same. The series is appreciated for its unique plot with a wonderful cast.  Han S0-hee and Song Kang playing the main leads have amazing chemistry on screen, attracting more viewers. The series is said to have 10 episodes which make the penultimate very important for the plot progression for the last episode.

Nevertheless Episode 8: Recap

In nevertheless episode 8, we see that Na-bi and Jae-eon share a kiss behind Do-hyeok back. After Na-bi returns to the home she tells Do-hyeok that she can’t be in a relationship because her problems are consuming her power. She also informs him that Jae-eon is out of the picture. The next day Na-bi tells Jae-eon to forget everything that happened the other night, which hurts him.

Nevertheless Episode 9

Ji-wan confesses Sol, which makes Sol avoid her. Na-bi gets shortlisted for the foreign exchange program. Sol finds the courage to say Ji-wan about her feelings and the couple parts ways.

Nevertheless Episode 9: Spoilers

From the preview that has been shown at the end of episode 8, we can see Do-Hyeok speaking about Na-bi seeing other things instead of him. We also see that Jae-eon walking Na-bi home which broke Do-Hyeok’s heart. There is even doubt the Na-bi still denying her feelings for Jae-eon.

There are some theories saying that we can see Na-bi and Jae-eon being in a relationship. JTBC is yet to release any announcement if the series will have another season. Don’t miss watching Episode 9 to see whether Nabi and Jae-eon will finally end up together.

Nevertheless Episode 9: Release date

Nevertheless Episode 9

The series Nevertheless has never taken a break and had been releasing episodes every Saturday. So, it’s unlikely for any delay of the upcoming episode. Nevertheless episode 9 is set to release on 14th August 2021. It will release at 12 PM ET

Where to watch Nevertheless Episode 9?

Nevertheless Episode 9

Nevertheless Episode 9 releasing on Netflix. All other episodes can also be watched on Netflix.

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