Soft Robotic Arm- Enabling Delicate Grasping Everything You Need To Know

Robotic arms are generally built keeping in mind the utilitarian task of grabbing but they can’t quite match the warmth and soft embrace of a human hug and this stiffness that comes with these robotic machineries result in unpleasant disadvantages when it comes to handle sensitive materials.

This is one of the primary reasons why the engineers at Harvard, Baruch College and the University of Rhode Island, among other Institutes, have come up with a range of machineries enabling soft robotic gripping for undersea bots that may need it to interact with the sea life for various purposes. Apart from this, safe contact with humans as well as other objects is another desirable factor for scientists who envision a future with robots working side- by- side with people in a variety of settings.

Soft Robotic Arm- Enabling Delicate Grasping Everything You Need To Know

How this is an incredible step forward Soft Robotic Arm

This invention can prove to be extremely useful for enterprising scientists as it offers a variety of movement options along with customisable bending, rotary and gripping modules that can easily replace each other depending on the requirements of the scientific experiment.

Using a Glove with sensors, scientists can control the new modular system and use it to grasp and take samples from the previously impossible, most delicate aquatic life. This gives the scientist a feeling that is similar to moving his own arms while SCUBA diving.

Soft Robotic Arm- Enabling Delicate Grasping Everything You Need To Know

Another profitable and emerging field that may benefit from mechanisms like these is collecting seafood animals (such as sea cucumbers, sea echini, scallops, etc.) cultivated in shallow water that requires robotics for replacing human divers.

Apart from allowing the robots to navigate safely, one other goal behind the development of robots with soft touch outer materials can be to build a trust between robots and the humans they assist. Being able to establish Communication and Interaction between robots and humans automatically, without talking to each other is a dream for scientists and engineers. They want the robots to be strong enough to hold onto or carry heavy objects but also be soft and enough to be able to not damage delicate objects.

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