Are you familiar with Telkom, the well-known technical company. It is known for its excellent digital service. The country in which the company is located, Indonesia, is South-East Asian.

The company offers services to governments, small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large corporations. Telkom offers solutions, products and services to its customers. Let’s take a look at the latest information and protocols from Digital Platform, and It Telkom.

Do You Have Any Ideas About the Company?

The company’s primary goal is to offer the best support to help grow the country’s digital efforts. Telkom says that the digital industry is developing daily. There are many advantages to the digital market in the country.

This is why the company has established a deep roots in the country’s digital talent. The company already has an “Indigo Game Startup” that is open for registration and incubation. The registration period ran from 15 February 2022 until 7 April 2022. You can register for Bootcamp as well.

It Telkom : The Target and Main Factors

The company is offering training to its participants. The movement will be active in several verticals, including product identification, analysis, product development, and concept pitching. The incubation will continue up until November 2022.

The Indigo Games program is a significant milestone for the company. The internal demo will be completed in November 2022. The company will be initiating a new stage of incubation. This is why the company invests in many of the best initiatives for the project.

It Telkom is the Service and Protocols Platform.

The company has taken numerous steps to ensure that Indigo Game Startup is successful.

  1. The company has initiated the incubation procedures.
  2. To provide the correct knowledge for the Indigo Game, the company has already opened the batch registration.
  3. The company director told media already that it would develop the country’s game culture as well as its vast digital capabilities in this market.
  4. According to experts, the new initiatives are expected to increase the country’s digital dimension.

It Telkom and Digital Platform will be used to develop digital culture in the country.

Why are the News Trending?

The news has been published by many media outlets in the country. The company must start a gaming business. The main goal of this project is to promote the country’s games industry. Many people believe that it will boost the company’s economic and technical sector. People are excited by the news and the trends.


We can finally say that Telkom is trying develop a digital culture. This is why the company developed the game and encourages people through It Telkom and Digital Platform.

Note that all reports are taken from reliable internet sources and the official website for the concerned company.


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