This article has been analysed and updated with recent news about Postcoital Cardiac arrest and its causes.

Heart attacks are a common reason for people to die post-coital. Recent research has shown that there are fewer deaths from heart attacks after physical intimacy. This happens mainly with older men (or middle-aged) in the United States.

This article is a thorough research and contains all relevant facts about Postcoital Heart Arrest.

Cardiac Arrest witnessed Postcoital.

Men witness a rare event called cardiovascular arrest, also known as heart attack, during or after intimate physical contact. This problem has mostly affected middle-aged men who are involved in sexual activities with women half their age. Subarachnoid hemorhage and acute coronary syndrome are both major causes of heart attacks. Sometimes, it can also be caused by chronic coronary.

Postcoital Cardiac Arrest After effects

Coital angina can occur after prolonged periods of sensual activity. Reports of less than 5% have been reported, but it is very rare. A study has shown that less then 1% of acute myocardial infarctions are caused by physical intimacy.

According to the media and news, sudden death caused by physical intimacy usually brings shame or disgrace to the families. A significant preference is given to immediate demise during Cardiac Arrest due to the strangeness of epidemiological data.

Postcoital Definition

Indulging in sec and having a young partner are two examples of dangerous behaviors that can be attributed to undue alcohol and food intake. A similar case of Cardiac Arrest was reported.

A man, aged 66 with a small history of heart disease, collapsed suddenly while in intimate physical contact with his partner. His wife stated that the victim took 50-100mg of the drug approximately an hour before experiencing physical intimacy for one year. She said that the victim felt pain in his chest, fatigue and nausea a few minutes before .

The latest news on Cardiac arrests in the aftermath of physical intimacy

Investigators performed a postmortem on the victim’s death. There have been many more instances and tragedies related to sudden heart attack deaths. These unexpected deaths are not common, but shocking for the general public. These deaths rates are unpredictable and extremely rare.

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Final Verdict

Based on all research and reports about cardiac Arrest dues to physical intimacy, information has been obtained regarding the reasons, symptoms and effects as well as a case related to Postcoital Cardiac Arrest.

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