This May Formula 1 and NASCAR vehicles are being added to the Rocket league Season 3, the Season 3 is set to release on April 1st 2021, Psyonix has made it very promising that by May these vehicles will be in the league.

Rocket league Season 3 Release Date:

This update will be available on 6th April at 4 pm Pacific time and Season begins on April 7th after that players will receive their rewards and achievements. After it begins new Competitive Tournament Rewards will be introduced and after a while Season 3 set and launched successfully Season 2 rewards will be given.

psyonix season 3 rocket league

What’s New in Rocket league Season 3?

There are new cars and even stadium, so players will be getting 3 new cars – 2 in item shop and 1 in rocket pass. First car is Tyranno it comes with a Dominus hitbox  this will be available in the premium rocket pass, this season will have a lot of racing themed items since F1 addition, second car is Mustang from NASCAR will be available in bundle you can buy it in the item shop lastly the F1 addition also available as a bundle it’ll be launched sometime in May after the NASCAR launch.

psyonix season 3 rocket league

There will also be a new stadium it will be a total revamp of DFH stadium (circuit) ,a glimpse was shown in the trailer but not much information on that. The theme for this season will be around legacy of auto racing. The stadium will also be portrayed in circular tracks for F1 NASCAR authenticity.

Season 3 seems very promising the developers have done many collaboration but this one is their biggest and hopefully the most successful one yet.

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