Deveste Eight GTA V: Overview, Top Speed and Price

The ultra hypercar Deveste Eight manufactured by Principe got  featured in Grand Theft Auto V being a part of continuing Arena War update. This ultra hypercar got launched on 21 February, 2019 at the event of Deveste Eight and Doomsday week.

Overview of Deveste Eight: Design, Speed and Color

If we talk about this supercar’s design as well as name, both are inspired from the real-life Devel Sixteen. However, This real life Devel Sixteen is a Dubai based concept car. Also, somewhere or the other it’s shape of the headlights seems to be based on Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo. Although, the car is inspired from real life Devel but instead of butterfly doors this uses gull-wings door.

Deveste Eight GTA V

Well, the interior of this car is very similar to that of X80 Proto, except the  paddle shifters on the steering wheel and the Principe badge on the horn cap. Also the body of this vehicle is all colored with primary colors which make it look really classy whereas secondary colors has been used to paint the interior stitching and rare-view mirror.

Deveste Eight GTA V

Also, the top speed of this vehicle with 212.03km/h is commendable but the acceleration is moderate. The car being the fastest in the game can compete against Tezeract. This car is highly recommended for  police evasion and racing. Due to it’s light weight this car has a capability of ramming other cars at high speed.

Where to buy Deveste Eight from and at what price?

Deveste Eight GTA V

If you are looking forward for buying this ultra hypercar then you can get your hands on this vehicle from the site of Legendary Motorsports. All you need is $1,795,000 for purchasing this amazing vehicle. Also, you can grab this vehicle for free. You can easily try your luck on the Lucky Wheel in the casino during the event of Juglar wheel and can win this car for free.

Apart from all these major details this monster of the car doesn’t have any name plate, which makes it illegal on road. Further If you apply the Light Stripes modification, stripes on the side vent and the exhaust housing is also added.

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