Redesigned Microsoft Icons You Must See Now

Recently, Microsoft have come up with it’s new updates of redesigning the icons of the latest version of Windows 10. However there is not a major change but as the saying goes ‘small changes make a big difference’ and this small change may be that wide difference of the new experience that the company wants in the market. Well, this not so major change made by Microsoft is going to give a whole new and modern look.

A look on the changes made

Finally, the Microsoft has given the new modernized look to it’s desktop by redesigning the newly updated Windows 10 icons. New representations for the icons like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures have been given by updates to make it look clear about it’s work for the users at a glance. Microsoft has tried giving this a cohesive look as a whole. Apart from this, the company has also released the users from watching the same old boring yellow folder icon. This time the company has tried giving it more of a fresh and new generation look as the company planned to give Windows 10 a transformation to more of a minimal experience.

Microsoft icons redesigned, have a look

Apart from this the icons appeared to be more rounded and more efficient than before, along with new Segoe Fluent Icons font. Definately, more colors have been added to the modified icons making it more stunning.

Redesigned icons List:

Microsoft icons redesigned, have a look

  • Recycle Bin
  • Document Folders
  • Download Folders
  • File Explorer
  • Disc Drivers
  • Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos folders

What’s Next?

Microsoft icons redesigned, have a look

This was rumored earlier that the new substantial updates for the desktop is being planned by the Microsoft and it might be released in the early 2021. Although later on it rumored to be released in the next half of the ongoing year. However, all these rumors are seeming to be false as no official announcement has been made up till now.

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