For the people who experienced the era of Diablo, Path of Exile is an absolutely attractive ARPG games. The large content of Passive Tree and Gem Skills bring tons of possibilities to the different builds. Even the process of crafting your ideal gears may too complex and boring for some players, there are still a lot of people enjoy it.

This is probably one of the most prolific builds in the entire game, you could probably play this build on every single ascendancy, What am i talking about is Lightning Strike. As you can see it can be played on a champion, a raider, a berserker, and there’s even some people playing it on like an assassin, a juggernaut, a pathfinder and an inquisitor. People playing it on basically every ascendancy and I believe with a new update to trickster, even lightning strike trickster would be pretty good. 

The lightning strike champion could perform well in the endgame bosses and the difficult maps. Not only because of its quick map clearing ability, but also the high damage to the single target bosses. The ATK and defence that champion ascendancy provide make this build becoming one of the most recommended builds in the game.


Fortitude and Unstoppable Hero provide a great defence with 20 fortification stacks. Then First to Strike, Last to Fall is also an insane buff for increasing 100% damage when your life in vert slung. And Inspirational is also important for non-curse auras and give a large increase in champion’s damage.

Passive tree:




Brine King could reduce the freeze and chill effect significantly in Major Pantheon. Meanwhile in Minor Pantheon, Abberath is important for your defences in Burning Ground, and Ralakesh is also an option till you have Corrupted Blood.


As the basic part of build, it is essential to create the precise link in our equipment. There are some recommendations on gem skills for players in the endgame stage.

Vaal Lightning Strike – Multi strike Support – Added Cold Damage Support – Trinity Support – Night blade Support -Elemental Damage with Attacks Support


Trinity Support is benefit for player who invested two or more elemental damage, like Lightning+Cold or Lightning+Fire, which probably is the most critical and necessary support for Lightning Strike damages.

Other items:


Tips on Lightning Strike build:

Perseverance Unique is the core item that explore the defence and offense rate in a little investment, this item could be your priority during build making.

Keep the damage balance of your elemental types, make sure you could release the whole potential of the Yoke of Suffering.

Lightning Strike Champion is a powerful all-round build which could face all hard challenges in the game, it would not make you regret for any investment for him even at the endgame stage. If you want pay your main attentions on Lighting Strike Champion and make it more powerful, you can buy POE Currency for it, which may be one of the most effective methods. 


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Overall, as an online RPG, Path of Exile has more than just an interesting profession and builds. In the latest 3.19 league, a large number of new equipment and skills will be continuously updated, while thousands of skill tree combinations will also give you extraordinary gaming experiences. Enjoy now!


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