Death Parade Season 2: Should Fans Hope for a Second Season?

Death Parade is an anime series that was released in the year 2015. Unlike most anime series, Death Parade broke the norm of animes being created from manga, as its source material lied in the 2013 released 25-minute short film named Death Billiards. The series has been conceptualized, written, and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa, while production was undertaken by Madhouse.

The show became an instant hit with the fans, and the production company despite being known for producing single-season animes, gave in to the fans’ requests and announced a Season 2. Have these updates seen any recent developments? Read on to know more.

Death Parade Season 2: Should Fans Hope for a Second Season?

Death Parade Premise

Death Parade through its setting delves into a fantasized interpretation of what the afterlife may seem like. In the series, people are sent to one among multiple bars in the afterlife, where arbiters exist under the guise of bartenders. The arbiters compel the dead to partake in the Death Games, the outcome of which would serve as a determinant regarding their re-incarnation or banishment into the void.

Death Parade Season 2: Should Fans Hope for a Second Season?

The series follows a protagonist by the name of Decim, who serves as the bartender of the Quindecim bar in the afterlife. Things take an unexpected turn when Decim starts developing human emotions, something which arbiters are devoid of, upon his interactions with Chiyuki, his assistant. The events that unfold on account of this radical change are what form the remainder of the series’ progression.

Death Parade Season 2: Should Fans Hope for a Second Season?

Season 2: Potential Release Date and Plotline

Owing to the show’s popularity and multiple requests from fans, the production house declared that there would be a second season. However, there have been no updates after this revelation, and fans are beginning to wonder whether or not the show would return.

Most evidence points in the negative, because as previously mentioned, the show unlike most other anime does not rely on manga as its source material, implying that there isn’t much left to explore in terms of storyline unless the creator is able to draft an engaging storyline from scratch. On a positive note, there has been no declaration regarding the show’s cancellation either, so it’s safe to maintain some degree of hope.

Death Parade Season 2: Should Fans Hope for a Second Season?

As far as a potential plot is concerned, the previous season ended with Chiyuki’s re-incarnation and Decim continuing his role as an arbiter. Theories suggest that a new season could explore Decim’s backstory, the changes in his role of an arbiter given his newfound human emotions, or Chiyuki’s return to the afterlife post her death in her new life. It would be interesting to see what direction the series takes if it ends up getting a second season after all.

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