Dark Soul 3: Gameplay and Controls

Dark Soul III is played on PS4, Xbox One, and on PC is an action role-playing game, lets have an insight into the controls and how to dash this game.


Dark Soul III is an action role-playing game, this game is played from a third-person’s point of view. This has single as well as multiplayer mode. Players have to fight their enemies with weapons, armor, and magic. The checkpoint of the game is a place of Bonfire. Ashes play a prime part in the game. Players fight with different types of enemies throughout the game and discover different combats during the battle.

How to Dash in Dark Soul 3?

Controls for Ps4:

  • For movement and camera control, the left stick helps you to move the character and the right stick moves the camera. R3 button locks the camera.
  • For the touchpad key, the left stick opens the gesture menu and the right stick opens the start menu.
  • For the options key, firstly open the start menu and then choose the Right-hand action.
  • Right-had actions have two controls, R1 andR2

how to dash in Dark soul 3

  • R1 key helps attack with your Right-hand weapon.
  • R2 button helps you strong attack with the right hand.
  • Left-hand actions have three controls, L1, L2, and L3.
  • L1 is a button guard used for shield equipment.
  • L2 is used for battle skills.
  • L3 is jumping key.

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