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Steps to Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 in Fortnite

Steps to Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 in Fortnite |EDF

Prisoner Stage 3 in Fortnite was released on 31st January 2019. The prisoner stage is a seventh-season snowfall skill of Fortnite. Prisoner Skin is rewarded for the players of Fortnite who have completed 60 weeks of challenges.


Fortnite- Battle Royale is a battle royale game developed by Epic Games.  In Fortnite- Battle Royale, 100 players fight a battle till the last person survives. This game can be played alone, duo, and in a squad with 4 or 5 players.

The players without their weapons land on a map from a “Battle Bus” and start to search for weapons, items, resources, and vehicles in order to survive till the last. The last player, duo, or squad surviving wins the battle.

Fortnite the Prisoner Stage 3 – steps to unlock:

The Prisoner of Fortnite is a Snowskin of season seven. There are multiple cosmetic stages to complete the game so as to unlock the new levels.

Steps for Unlocking stage 3 of the prisoner:

  •  First of all, to unlock the prisoner skin, you need to go into the week 10 snowfall challenge. This challenge displays the Prisoner chilling out near the Fortnite Campfire.

Steps to Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 in Fortnite.


  • You are required to proceed to the prisoner who is on the top of the large mountains near the Northern Paradise Palms with his Prisoner stage 2 pieces of equipment.

Steps to Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 in Fortnite.

  • After reaching near the Campfire, you must run and activate it.
  • Next, you must stick around the Prisoner till the Campfire is burned down.
  •  Burned Campfire indicates your glowing red arm that Stage 3 has been unlocked.

Steps to Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 in Fortnite.

Location of the Prisoner stage 3:

The prisoner of stage 3 is hanging out in the abandoned and deserted part of the map. You need to lead to the mountains of the north of Paradise Palms. When you are mounted on the top of the Paradise Palms, you have to head towards the cliff edge of the mountains. The campfire is just near the cliff.

How to Finish the level:

Subsequently reaching near the campfire, your next step is to light it. Moving forward to lighting it up the campfire, you must wear your  Prisoner skin i.e, of level 2. Your next step is to make sure the other campers who would be there to defeat you would be there for activating their stage 3 skin.

Note: You need to watch out for the other campers if you are defeated, you have to restart the level.

After lighting the campfire, you will observe the change in your skin i.e, your arm will be glowing red. This indicates you have completed stage 3 and all ready for stage 4 skin activation.

Overview of Stage 4:

Prisoner stage 4 of Fortnite is located in the north-east part of the map. It is above the edge of the cliff to the north of Wailing Woods. You will find a circle of torches on a stone floor at the end of long cliffs which is in the south. Your mission is to light the torches by defeating the other campers.

However, stage 4 is the final level of prisoner of Fortnite.

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