Choosing the Right CBD Products for Dogs – Know these 7 Considerations

Has your dog started showing unusual behavior? Does it poop anywhere in the home despite its potty training? Does it not eat on time? Does your dog start barking or crying unnecessarily? If your dog is showing such unusual behavior, you must find its cause. 

The reasons behind such unusual behaviors in the dog could be insecurity, stress, perceived danger, etc. In dogs, the endocannabinoid system goes for a toss in such situations, thus affecting their sleep, appetite, and other traits. Taking your dog to a vet is a good idea, but what you do on an immediate basis also has a role to play. If you cannot have a physical consultation with your vet anytime sooner, you can give CBD products to your dogs to calm them down. 

CBD in dogs impacts their nervous system, thus allowing the body to calm down in stressful situations. Many vets have already given a thumbs up to their use, and you do not have to worry about their consequences. You are required to be a little careful while buying them. Here’s everything to know while buying CBD products for your pets. 

Source of CBD 

High-quality CBD oils come from hemp, which grows organically without toxins or pesticides. 

Concentration of CBD 

While choosing products like CBD treats for dogs or any topical medicine, look at the concentration of CBD in the product. Ideally, 15 mg of CBD per ml is as low as the concentration should go. Have a word with your vet before buying the product in the right concentration. 


Extraction using carbon dioxide and cold-press extraction are safer alternatives to extracting THC from hemp. Many companies use cheap methods with potentially toxic solvents, which may affect the quality of the extract. We strictly advise you not to buy from them. 

Amount of THC 

In general, CBD from hemp naturally comprises less than 0.03 percent of THC. Nevertheless, it is essential to check the label carefully. The safest CBD product for your pet should comprise no or less than 0.03 percent THC. 

Additional Ingredients 

Many CBD products for pets come with an added flavor to make consumption easier. Ensure these ingredients are pet-safe and your dog is not allergic to them. If you are buying a CBD product that is not labeled for pets, you should be more careful to ensure there are no other sweeteners, oils, or herbs. 

How Much CBD Should I Feed my Dog? 

As the effects of this compound on the canines are less-documented, we advise you to always begin with a smaller dosage and gradually settle into the amount that suits them the most. CBD products specifically made for pets help you through the process of dosage administration on the labels. 

Here are the factors affecting the dosage of this compound on your pets. 


Potency refers to the strength or amount of CBD present in the product. The total amount of CBD in a product may help determine the approximate value of CBD in each serving.

Weight and Size of your Pet 

Like the bodyweight of humans, the bodyweight of cats and dogs also influences the effect of CBD. The amount of fat present in the body affects the overall absorption rate of CBD. Pets with higher body weight should consume more CBD to go by this theory. The fat cells in their body store this compound and eliminate it slowly through urine or feces. 

The Medical Condition of your Pet 

The right quantity of CBD for your pet also depends upon the severity of their condition. If the problem is grave, you may have to administer CBD in higher doses to see positive effects. 


We urge you to be careful while choosing the right CBD products for your pets. Have a word with your doctor, gather enough information, and start with a smaller dosage. 

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