Walmart’s Odd Choice of Banning Video Games Displays Instead Of Guns

After few weeks of tragic mass shooting by a shooter opened fire in an El Paso Walmart resulted in the loss of 22 lives back in 2019. This was the time when Walmart made an odd decision of banning violent video games displays instead of guns. Well, Walmart has been one of the America’s largest retailers and a large seller of firearms and ammunition.

All about Walmart Tragic Mass Shooting

The day when this Walmart tragic incident took place the store didn’t had an on security guard. There were more than about 3,000, people from largely Latino El Paso and neighboring Ciudad Juarez, Mexico at the time of attack. There was loss of total 22 lives which turned the the country into to anger at the senseless loss of life, followed by thoughts and prayers.

Walmart's Odd Choice of Banning Video Games Displays Instead Of Guns

Walmart Decision of banning Video Games display

After few weeks of this heartbreaking incident the company first announced that they will stop selling guns in their stores but after a week the company took a U-turn and announced that it will ban the video game displays and signs of violent video games in its stores.  According to them video games were the root cause of gun violence. The company said that they have ordered their stores managers to remove the video game displays as some shoppers might get confused with the sounds created by the games for actual gunshots.

The company instructed their employees to remove any marketing material, turn off or unplug video game consoles that show violent games including Xbox and PlayStation consoles along with monitoring and turning off any violence depicted on screens in its electronics departments. However the company also appealed their customers not to openly carry firearms into their stores.

Apart from all these happenings taking place the author of “Gun Fight: the Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America” said that it’s the store employees who will have to come up with the solution without getting themselves shot.

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