Watch Online Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 8 Spoiler, Plot And Everything You Need To Know

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 8 is yet to release, but the preceding episode ‘The Girlfriends’ Challenge’ was very challenging. It is a great anime series aired on 3 July 2021.

Mukai a boy is driven by 3 girlfriends named as ‘Saki’, ‘Nagisa’ and ‘Rika’ in his life. We will also tell you the recap and release date of the same, so stay tuned and let’s begin.




Recap: Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 7

As we know Mukai was with two of his new girlfriends but the third one also gets introduced to us in episode 6 ‘A Third One’. Mukai rejects Rika, but she decides to live in his house. Saki and Nagisa gets jealous of her.

They started challenging each other to become Mukai’s girl. Rika started camping in Mukai’s yard and his two girlfriends gets burnt and tries to get rid of Rika.

Will they be able to take away his camp? Who will win Rika or the Other two? All answers will be solved in the upcoming episode 9 of this anime series.

Release Date: Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 8

The wait is finally over!! Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 8 will be airing online on 21 August 2021, the unpacked challenges of Mukai’s girlfriends will be really very interesting to watch.

Where to Watch It Online?

  • Crunchyroll
  • Unluckily, it will not be available at Netflix.


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