Best Challenging Puzzle Games You Must Play

Who doesn’t love puzzle games? They are quite fun and give our lazy brain some work like only work on these puzzles only not on classes. There we are going to look for some crazy hard puzzles only a true genius can solve.

Broken Sword

challenging puzzle games

Its game is best for its thought-provoking puzzles and lovable cast.  You have to think out of the box to play this game. This one going to give some work. The game has a lot from real-world history and adds its embellishments to create a caper. The memorial puzzle is a good puzzle you see there. Make sure you check this out.

Human Fall Flat

Not all people love Physics but this game will be loved. This physics-based puzzle game is a masterpiece. You will enjoy it with your friends as it is both challenging and enjoyable. You need to have a great deal of thought and patience to solve. You need to check this one out.

Baba Is You

This is one of the best game you encounter. You need to think both clearly and logically to play. After solving the puzzle you will be the seventh heaven. If you don’t believe then check out.

Opus Magnum

challenging puzzle games

Most of the educational game is boring but this one is the exception. You need to complete a variety of tasks. At first, you will consider it a little daunting but later you will see how incredibly intuitive and can be picked up in a matter of hours. This game requires a considerable amount of time and perseverance. That will be a great exercise for your brain.

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